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Pyramids by Country 2024

Pyramids are found all over the world. Researchers are making discoveries using innovative technology like light detection and ranging (LIDAR) to scan jungles. This means the list of discovered pyramids is constantly changing. There are many thousands of them.

Here are some of the countries in the world with pyramids.


Egypt has about 135 pyramids that have been discovered. The Great Pyramid of Giza near Cairo, Egypt and the smaller ones nearby, along with the Sphinx, make up the world's most well-known site of pyramids. Originally thought to be tombs for Egyptian Pharaohs, some think they are power-generating systems instead.


Nearby Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt. Around 240 pyramids were found in Sudan. They are called the Nubian pyramids. They were built by the Kushite kingdoms.


There are ten discovered Nsude pyramids in Nigeria.


Niger has two pyramids and a sphinx found there.


Fabulous Mayan pyramids like El Castillo in Chichen Itza and Calakmul are found in the Yucatan Peninsula. Aztec pyramids like Tenochtitlan are located in the central part of the country, near Mexico City. Also found in this area is the Step Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl. It was built during the Toltec Empire in the ancient city of Tula. The Great Pyramid of Cholula is the largest pyramid on Earth, even bigger than the Great Pyramid of Giza.


Tikal in northern Guatemala contains six large step pyramids.


The step pyramids in the ancient city of Copan are in Honduras near the border of Guatemala.


Machu Picchu is a famous ancient city discovered in Peru, but there are no pyramids there. At least 30 pyramids have been found in other parts of Peru. One interesting site is the lost city of Caral.


Using innovative technology, researchers scan large jungle areas to uncover vast cities hidden from view that include pyramids. These are the oldest pyramids in the world, predating the ones in Egypt. There are estimated to be up to 1,000 or more lost pyramids in Brazil, yet to be discovered.


There are many pyramids in China used as burial mounds. A legendary one called the Great White Pyramid of Xi’an is a mystery. Although old photos exist, it is not certain whether the pyramid is real or not.


Candi Sukuh is a step pyramid temple in Central Java, Indonesia.


The Ziggurat of Ur is a massive step pyramid from the time of the Sumerians.


Discovered in Visoko, Bosnia, are the so-called Bosnian pyramids. Some think they are mountainous hills.

  • Pyramids listed include not only massive ancient true pyramids such as the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, but also smaller-scale pyramids such as the Pyramids of Meroë in Sudan and mesoamerican step pyramids such as Guatemala's Mayan Pyramids of Tikal.
  • Also included are many modern pyramids, which are much smaller in scale (often only a few meters high) and tend to function as grave markers/mausoleums or art installations, as well as notable pyramidal buildings such as the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas and the Shard in London.
  • The table does not include climbing pyramids constructed in children's playgrounds or simulated pyramids such as might be constructed on a miniature golf course.

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# of Pyramids
Era Constructed
Notable Pyramids
Additional Details
Sudan255+AncientPyramids of Meroë
Known as the Nubian Pyramids, Sudan's pyramids are smaller, newer, and more numerous than the Egypti...
Egypt118+AncientPyramid of Djoser | Buried Pyramid | Layer Pyramid | Pyramid of Meidum | Beny Pyramid | Red Pyramid | The Great Pyramid of Giza | Pyramid of Djedefre | Northern Pyramid of Zawyet el'Aryan (unfinished) | Pyramid of Khafre | Pyramid of Menkaure | Pyramid of Userkaf | Pyramid of Sahure | Pyramid of Neferirkare | Pyramid of Neferefre | Pyramid of North Abusir (unfinished) | Pyramid of Nyuserre | Headless Pyramid | Pyramid of Djedkare-Isesi | Pyramid of Unas | Pyramid of Teti | Pyramid of Pepi I | Pyramid of Merenre | Pyramid of Pepi II | Pyramid of Ibi | Pyramid of Khui | Pyramid of Merikare | Pyramid of Amenemhet I | Pyramid of Senusret I | White Pyramid | Pyramid of Senusret II | Pyramid of Senusret III | Pyramid of Amenemhat III | Pyramid of Hawara | Southern Mazghuna Pyramid | Northern Mazghuna Pyramid | Pyramid of Ameny Qemau | Pyramid of Khendjer | Southern South Saqqara Pyramid | Tomb S9 | Tomb S10 | Pyramid of Ahmose
The precise number of pyramids of any size in Egypt is slighlty debatable, as some pyramids were lef...
United States35+ModernHenry Bergh Pyramid Mausoleum | Bradbury Mausoleum | Leslie C. Brand | William Harry Brown Pyramid | Marcus Brown Pyramid | Brunswig Mausoleum | Nicolas Cage's Future Tomb | Confederate Memorial Pyramid | Dorn Pyramid | Gardel Memorial | Lewis Grigsby Crypt | John Gunckel Monument | Schoenhofen Mausoleum | Gwin Mausoleum | Harms Family Mausoleum | Mark Howard Pyramid | George W. P. Hunt | A.R.S. Hunter Pyramid | Pyramid tomb of Major E.C Lewis | Longstreet Mausoleum | C.O.G. Miller Pyramid Mausoleum | Mongin Family | Charles Debrille Poston | Rucker Family Tomb | Sahlberg Pyramid | Schoenhofen Pyramid Mausoleum | Shatto family | Dr. Ira Smith's Pyramid | Wm. Smith's Pyramid | Van Ness/Parsons Mausoleum | Van Ness and Parsons | Joel Parker Whitney | Transamerica Pyramid | Luxor Las Vegas Pyramid | Memphis Pyramid | Walter Pyramid
Although numerous, the pyramids of the US are invariably small-scale burial mausoleums, built for we...
Mexico20+AncientPyramid B (Tula) | The Temple of the Murals | The Great Pyramid | El Castillo | The Great Pyramid of Cholula | The Nohoch Mul Pyramid | La Iglesia | Crossroads Temple | Temple 1 | Pyramid of the Niches | The Great Pyramid | Conjunto 14 | Temple of the Cross | Temple of Inscriptions | Templo Mayor | Pyramid of the Sun | Pyramid of the Moon | Pyramid of the Magician | La Gran Piramide | Temple of the Feather Serpent | The Pyramid of Flowers | The Spiral Building (Xochitecatl) | 5 yacata Pyramids (Tzintzuntzan)
Pyramids in Mexico were constructed by multiple civilizations, including the Mayans, Aztecs, and Tol...
Belize10+AncientCaana | Temple of the Wooden Lintel | High Temple | Jaguar Temple | Mask Temple | El Castillo |
Most pyramids in Belize and other mesoamerican locations are step pyramids, which have terraced side...
Guatemala08+AncientLD-49 (Dos Pilas) | La Danta | El Tigre | Tikal Temple IV
Ireland08+ModernPyramid in the Neale | Howard Mausoleum | Kinnitty Pyramid | The Pyramid of Dublin | The Pyramids Pyramid Monument | Swifte Family Pyramid | Pyramid in Merrion Square | Boora Pyramid
Ireland's pyramids are all small-scale, comparatively modern constructions, the eldest of which was ...
Honduras03+AncientCopán | Structure 1 (El Puente) | Estructure 101 (Yarumela)
El Salvador02+AncientThe Bell of San Andres | Tazumal
China01+AncientMount Li/Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor
The mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of the Qin dynasty, is a broad, flat-topped pyrami...
France01+ModernLouvre Pyramid
The centerpiece of the exterior of Paris' famed art museum, the Louvre, is a glass pyramid nearly 21...
United Kingdom1ModernThe Shard
The Shard is a pyramid-shaped 72-story skyscraper located in London, England and completed in 2013.
North Korea1ModernRyugyong Hotel
The yet-unifinished (as of 2023) Ryugyong Hotel features a central column and large, triangular vane...

What countries have pyramids?

Countries that have pyramids include Belize, China, Egypt, El Salvador, France, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Mexico, North Korea, Sudan, United Kingdom and United States.

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