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Red Panda Population by Country 2024

Red pandas are uniquely colored and almost fox- or raccoon-like in their appearance. So how many of these little guys are in each country? Read on to see the red panda population by country in 2023.

What Are Red Pandas?

Red pandas are small, bear-like mammals with reddish-brown fur and distinctive white markings on their faces, black fur around their feet and bellies, and concentric ring markings on their tails.

Red pandas aren't much larger than a house cat and they're awfully cute!

Red pandas aren't related to giant pandas or true bears, and while they are considered carnivores, they do eat bamboo, grasses, fruits, and insects to meet their nutrient needs.

These critters are known to eat birds and small mammals (like rodents) when they can catch them.

Since red pandas' habitats are in special areas - mountainous and high-altitude forests with plenty of bamboo and a temperate climate - you won't find these creatures in many countries around the world.

Let's take a look at the red panda population by country next.

What Is the Red Panda Population by Country 2023?

Red panda population numbers sat around 10,000 worldwide in 2008, but estimates vary and researchers aren't sure exactly how many red pandas are out there today.

Estimates of the current red panda population range from 14,500 to over 16,500 worldwide, but the most recent population data published is from 2015 (ScienceDirect).

We do know that the population is limited to 5 countries with most red pandas living in suitable habitats throughout China and India.

With such a small worldwide population, there are astonishingly few red pandas in each country.

Let's take a look at estimates of the red panda population by country in 2023 according to the most recent data from the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Library.

Is the Red Panda Population by Country Going Up or Down?

Red panda numbers have been in decline in recent years, reaching a tipping point in 2008 when the International Union for Conservation of Nature named the species on its Red List of animals in danger of extinction.

With dwindling numbers of red pandas worldwide, a focus on conservation and protected habitats for these rare mammals has become important. Organizations like the Red Panda Network offer information on how to help save red pandas.

  • Although Red Pandas are known to reside in Myanmar, its habitat is both remote and unwieldy and precise population estimates were unavailable.

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