Richest European Countries 2021

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One of the main factors that contribute to Europe’s wealth lies with the top six countries on the continent. When they combine, the countries provide \$14.35 trillion for the international monetary fund (IMF) GDP in 2019, making them some of the most productive countries in the area. In addition to having its bustling economies, each country has unique attributes that help it obtain more recognition over time. Here is a general overview of those richest countries:

  1. Germany: Known for its excellent food, creative festivals, and historical culture. Many famous inventors - like Albert Einstein and Fritz Haber - came from this country as well.

United Kingdom: Known for being one of the most significant economic and military powers in the world and having great social influence. They will also be known for leaving the European Union.

  • France: Known as one of the most visited countries in the world and one of the largest countries on the continent. It is also known for its vibrant scene and cultural attractions, like the Eiffel Tower, which brings plenty of tourists.

  • Italy: Known mostly for its cultural attractions and contributions to the world. It is also known for its beautiful scenery and fantastic Italian food.

  • Russia: Known for being the largest country in the world and having a cultural environment. People are also seen as their most valuable assets in the workforce.

  • Spain: Known for its vibrant food and celebration scenes. It is also known for its unique events that are held, like bullfighting.

  • Other Countries

    Although not as big as the most affluent countries in Europe, there are other countries with large populations that contribute to economic wealth. To some people, they may seem irrelevant because they do not compare to the six major countries that provide more. However, these countries are becoming more prevalent now than ever. Some of those countries include the following:

    • Netherlands: Known for its natural scenery and various active activities available. The country contributed $914.00 billion into the IMF GDP in 2019.
    • Switzerland: Known for their famous inventions and having one of the longest life expectancies in the world. The country contributed $707.57 billion into the IMF GDP in 2019.
    • Romania: Known for more of its natural attractions and good food. The country contributed $244.16 billion into the IMF GDP in 2019.
    • Serbia: Known for its national parks and fun activities, like skiing. The country contributed $52.42 billion into the IMF GDP in 2019.

    Contributing Factors

    Several factors contribute to Europe’s growing wealth. Some of those main factors come from the residents of the country and people from other countries, and can include:

    • Tourism
    • Growing Population
    • Workforce
    • Human Capital
    • Technology

    Here are the 10 richest countries in Europe:

    1. Germany ($3.48 Tn)
    2. United Kingdom ($2.65 Tn)
    3. France ($2.47 Tn)
    4. Italy ($1.86 Tn)
    5. Russia ($1.25 Tn)
    6. Spain ($1.24 Tn)
    7. Netherlands ($777.23 Bn)
    8. Switzerland ($668.85 Bn)
    9. Sweden ($514.48 Bn)
    10. Poland ($471.40 Bn)

    Richest European Countries 2021


    Richest European Countries 2021

    Country GDP (IMF '19) GDP (UN '16) Per Capita
    Germany$3.96 Tn$3.48 Tn$3.48 Tn
    United Kingdom$2.83 Tn$2.65 Tn$2.65 Tn
    France$2.76 Tn$2.47 Tn$2.47 Tn
    Italy$2.03 Tn$1.86 Tn$1.86 Tn
    Russia$1.61 Tn$1.25 Tn$1.25 Tn
    Spain$1.43 Tn$1.24 Tn$1.24 Tn
    Netherlands$914.00 Bn$777.23 Bn$777.23 Bn
    Switzerland$707.57 Bn$668.85 Bn$668.85 Bn
    Sweden$547.12 Bn$514.48 Bn$514.48 Bn
    Poland$593.29 Bn$471.40 Bn$471.40 Bn
    Belgium$531.81 Bn$467.96 Bn$467.96 Bn
    Austria$459.59 Bn$390.80 Bn$390.80 Bn
    Norway$427.04 Bn$371.07 Bn$371.07 Bn
    Denmark$349.52 Bn$306.90 Bn$306.90 Bn
    Ireland$381.57 Bn$304.82 Bn$304.82 Bn
    Finland$276.57 Bn$238.50 Bn$238.50 Bn
    Portugal$239.47 Bn$204.84 Bn$204.84 Bn
    Czech Republic$246.16 Bn$195.31 Bn$195.31 Bn
    Greece$219.75 Bn$192.69 Bn$192.69 Bn
    Romania$244.16 Bn$186.69 Bn$186.69 Bn
    Hungary$168.78 Bn$125.82 Bn$125.82 Bn
    Ukraine$134.89 Bn$93.27 Bn$93.27 Bn
    Slovakia$109.86 Bn$89.77 Bn$89.77 Bn
    Luxembourg$69.63 Bn$58.63 Bn$58.63 Bn
    Bulgaria$67.04 Bn$53.24 Bn$53.24 Bn
    Croatia$61.25 Bn$51.23 Bn$51.23 Bn
    Belarus$60.95 Bn$47.41 Bn$47.41 Bn
    Slovenia$55.09 Bn$44.71 Bn$44.71 Bn
    Lithuania$54.24 Bn$42.77 Bn$42.77 Bn
    Serbia$52.42 Bn$38.30 Bn$38.30 Bn
    Latvia$35.72 Bn$27.57 Bn$27.57 Bn
    Estonia$31.03 Bn$23.34 Bn$23.34 Bn
    Iceland$24.54 Bn$20.27 Bn$20.27 Bn
    Cyprus$24.64 Bn$20.05 Bn$20.05 Bn
    Bosnia And Herzegovina$20.15 Bn$16.91 Bn$16.91 Bn
    Albania$15.96 Bn$11.86 Bn$11.86 Bn
    Malta$15.13 Bn$11.00 Bn$11.00 Bn
    North Macedonia$12.88 Bn$10.75 Bn$10.75 Bn
    Moldova$12.04 Bn$6.77 Bn$6.77 Bn
    Monaco-$6.47 Bn$6.47 Bn
    Liechtenstein-$6.19 Bn$6.19 Bn
    Montenegro$5.44 Bn$4.37 Bn$4.37 Bn
    Andorra-$2.86 Bn$2.86 Bn
    San Marino$1.62 Bn$1.59 Bn$1.59 Bn

    Richest European Countries 2021