Beaver Island Population 2024

What is the Population of Beaver Island?

The population of Beaver Island is broken down into a few different numbers, as it more closely reflects the density of the island. For example, as of 2010, there are 657 permanent inhabitants on the island. The most densely populated part of the island comprises only 6% of the surface area, which is understandable, as the rest of the area is either wilderness or engulfed by flora and fauna. The Saint James Township found on the northern part of the island has a population of 365 as of 2010, which includes minor islands in Lake Michigan.

What is Beaver Island?

Beaver Island is an island located in Lake Michigan, found on the US side of the border in the state of Michigan. It is considered the largest island in lake Michigan and, overall, is considered the third largest island in the state of Michigan. The island itself is far away from the mainland, located some 50km away from the city of Charlevoix. Beaver Island was made famous in 1856 when it was home to a fundamentally unique religious colony in America. The area had a self-appointed theocratic monarchy ruled by "King Strang", who was considered the leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. At the time, they were known as Strangites, which was not to be confused with the larger Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which are also known as Mormons.

Irish Immigrants famously sought refuge during the late 19th century after the potato famine had destroyed their livelihood. The influx of Irish American immigrants settled in the northern part of the United States, including the New England region and Michigan. Beaver Island remains a famous destination due to its natural beauty and ecological diversity. The Island and the surrounding area are protected by the state and are part of the Beaver Islands State Wildlife Research Area.

The economy of the area is largely based on natural resources, which are fishing, logging, and farming, which have been the crux of the commercial industry since the inception of settlers on the island. In modern times, the economy is centered around tourism and governmental services. Because it is frequented so heavily, residential homes and cottages are constructed near the bodies of water for Americans, Canadians and multinational vacationers to purchase or rent.

Beaver Island Interesting Facts

Beaver Island is known for its beaches and forests, but the history of Beaver Island is far more riveting. The association of the island with Mormonism is deep-rooted, which began with the death of Joseph Smith - the iconic figure who had founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. James Strang, or "King Strang", claimed that the Strangite sect was the only legitimate continuation of the church, much like a successor laying a claim to the throne in the middle ages. In truth, many Mormons consider Brigham Young to be the successor, but Strang's church still continues to exist today, although not on Beaver Island.