Bouvet Island Population 2024

Where Is Bouvet Island Located?

Bouvet Thailand is an island that is technically claimed by Norway, and it is a large protected nature reserve. It is a volcanic island situated in the Atlantic Ocean, close to the southern end of the mid-Atlantic Ridge. It is arguably the most remote island in the world, meaning that it is a very long way away from just about any other inhabited location. The island is situated approximately 1,100 miles north of the Princess Astrid Coast, which is located in Antarctica. It is also approximately 1,200 miles east of the South Sandwich Islands. The islands are also about 1,600 miles away from the coast of South Africa. Therefore, this island is very far away from just about any other significant land mass.

Does Anyone Live on Bouvet Island?

The island is uninhabited, and it is a protected nature reserve. The island itself was first discovered in January 1739 by a French explorer. He was exploring the reaches of the South Atlantic, and he spotted the island from a distance. Because he mislabeled the coordinates of the island, it was not spotted again until 1808, when a British whaler discovered it again. In addition, an American Explorer sighted the island several years later. Even though there have been some disputes related to control of the island, it is considered to be a part of Norway. Nobody lives on the island permanently, and it is protected as a nature reserve. The United Kingdom would eventually relinquish its rights to the island, declaring it a Norwegian protectorate.

Why Is the Island Under the Control of Norway?

In 1927, an exploration led by Norway landed on the island. The goal was to do an extended stay on the island, and a significant amount of surveying was completed. A hut was erected on the island, and a Norwegian flag was hoisted on the island, claiming it for Norway. A Royal Decree was announced in 1928, formally annexing the island as a part of Norway. Initially, the United Kingdom lodged a protest, claiming that they had already been in control of the island, as it was cited by British explorers previously. Several subsequent expeditions were made to the island by Norway, but a suitable location for a meteorological station and radio station could not be found. In addition, the original flag they put up had been washed away. Therefore, they decided not to try to install a permanent station on the island, but they still claimed the island for Norway.

What Does Bouvet Island Look Like?

The island itself is a volcanic island. There is a very large volcano that sits underneath the surface of the water. The Island itself is only about 19 square miles in size, and it is on the border of the Atlantic Ocean and the Southern Ocean. There are no expeditions to the island regularly, and it is incredibly difficult to get to the island, given that it is a protected nature reserved.