Hvar Population 2024

Where Is the Island of Hvar Located?

Hvar is a Croatian Island located in the Adriatic Sea. It is situated just off the dalmatian coast, and it sits between the islands of Korcula and Vis. The Island itself is approximately 42 miles long, and it has a very large ridge that runs across it. The ridge is made out of limestone and dolomite. The island is a bit unusual when compared to other islands in the area. It has a very large coastal plain as well as freshwater springs. Furthermore, the hillsides are made up of olive groves, vineyards, and pine forests. Because there is a lot of sunshine during the summer, there are lots of tourists who visit during the warmer months of the year.

How Many People Live on Hvar Island?

There are approximately 10,700 people who live on the island throughout the entire year, but there are lots of people who visit during the summer months. There is a heavy tourist population that comes to enjoy the climate, relax on the beaches, and enjoy the food. The population has fluctuated a bit over the centuries, but there are several thousand people who lived on the island during the entire year.

Has Croatia Always Owned Hvar Island?

No, Croatia has not always been in control of the island. Because of the location of the island in the center of the Adriatic Sea, it has been a very important military location for numerous Empires, as the owner of the island could control trade in the Adriatic. The ancient Greek civilization was the first major civilization to claim control of the island. Eventually, classic Greek civilization collapsed, and the island changed hands several times. The Venetian Empire used to have a major naval base on the island when it was at the height of its power. The Ottoman Empire also claimed control of the island for several hundred years, and there were a few rebellions during that time. The island was also claimed by Napoleon, when he was the emperor of France, but after the fall of Napoleon, the island was claimed by the Austrian Empire. Eventually, the Austrian Empire started to fade, and Croatia claimed control of the island when it regained its sovereignty.

What Is There To Do on Hvar Island?

One of the largest industries on the island is tourism. There are people who come from all over the world to visit the island, and during the past few decades, many restaurants, apartments, marinas, art galleries, cafes, and hotels have opened up. The island is consistently listed as one of the top tourist destinations in Europe, and many people love to explore olive plantations and drink wine. While the Adriatic Sea is relatively cold throughout the course of the year, it can be refreshing during the summer. Lots of people also love to grab a drink at a local cafe, relax on the beach, and spend time with their family members and friends. Recently, museums have been constructed that give people an opportunity to learn more about the history of the local region.