AL Central Teams by State 2022

Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox are one of the original members of the American League Central. The White Sox were initially members of the AL West before the Major League Baseball division realignment. The White Sox are not strangers to success and are often considered one of the best AL Central teams.

Cleveland Indians

Another one of the founding members of the AL Central, the Cleveland Indians were also shuffled into the American League Central division as a result of the realignment. The Indians are also one of the most storied franchises in baseball and among all the AL Central teams.

Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers came into the AL Central division from the AL East, joining in 1988. Much like the Indians, the Tigers have a fabled history and a history of success on the diamond.

Kansas City Royals

Having started with the American League West division, the Kansas City Royals were then moved into the American League West following the League's divisional changes. This also makes the Royals one of the founding members of the AL West for an organization that has found its share of success too, most recently in 2015.

Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins, also an original member of the AL West, was shipped over from the AL West. The Twins are no strangers to the post-season and have earned three World Series titles.

AL Central Teams by State 2022