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Cherry Production by State 2024

Cherry Production by State 2024

Cherry production in the United States predominantly revolves around three key states: Washington, California, and Oregon. With only three states contributing significantly to the cherry market, the landscape is relatively focused. Washington leads the pack with a substantial production volume of 240,000 tons, followed by California with 80,000 tons and Oregon with 51,000 tons.

The concentration of cherry production in these states can be attributed to several factors, including climate suitability, soil conditions, and historical agricultural practices. Washington's temperate climate, particularly in regions like the Yakima Valley, provides ideal growing conditions for cherries, enabling the state to emerge as a major producer. Similarly, California's diverse agricultural landscape and favorable growing conditions in areas like the Central Valley contribute to its significant cherry output. Oregon, known for its mild climate and fertile soils, also plays a notable role in cherry cultivation, particularly in the Willamette Valley and other fruit-growing regions.

Cherry Production by State 2024

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Cherry Production 2023 (tons)
United States371,000