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North Dakota

Flaxseed Production by State 2024

Flaxseed Production by State 2024

Flaxseed production in the United States is primarily concentrated in North Dakota and Montana, with these states emerging as the leading contributors to the industry. The vast expanses of fertile land and favorable climatic conditions in these regions make them ideal for flaxseed cultivation. North Dakota, known for its rich soil and extended daylight hours during the growing season, stands out as the top producer of flaxseed in the country, accounting for a significant portion of the total production.

Montana, with its similar climate and agricultural landscape, also plays a pivotal role in flaxseed production, contributing substantially to the national output. The state's large-scale farms and efficient agricultural practices further bolster its position in the flaxseed industry. Together, North Dakota and Montana form the backbone of flaxseed production in the United States, leveraging their geographic advantages to meet both domestic and international demand for this versatile crop.

Flaxseed Production by State 2024

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Flaxseed Production 2023 (BU)
North Dakota2,163,000
United States2,961,000