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Hazelnut Production by State 2024

Hazelnut Production by State 2024

Hazelnut production in the United States is centered around Oregon, which stands out as the leading producer of this nut. The state's favorable climate, particularly in regions like the Willamette Valley, provides optimal conditions for hazelnut orchards to thrive. Oregon's hazelnuts are renowned for their quality and flavor, making them highly sought after by consumers and food manufacturers alike.

Oregon's hazelnut industry plays a crucial role in the state's economy. The hazelnut sector contributes significantly to Oregon's agricultural output and exports, generating revenue and employment opportunities across the state. With its reputation for producing high-quality hazelnuts, Oregon has established itself as a key player in the global hazelnut market, exporting its products to various countries worldwide.

Hazelnut Production by State 2024

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Hazelnuts Production 2022 (tons)
United States77,500