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Mild Winter States 2024

Mild Winter States 2024


Hawaii is one of the top states with mild winters. It's located in the tropics, so the temperature at sea level doesn't vary much. For instance, Hawaii has an average winter daytime temperature of approximately 78 °F (25.6 °C) between October and April compared to an average summer daytime temperature of approximately 85 °F (29.4°C). However, the winter night temperature tends to drop, but it rarely dips below 65 °F. Most lows are recorded when trade winds blow and the weather gets stormy.


Florida has the mildest winters in the continental U.S (mid-Dec to mid-April). The average winter lows, usually recorded in January, range from approximately 52 °F (11°C) to 68 °F (20 °C). Snow is a rare phenomenon and winter days are typically sunny and warm. The sunshine state owes its balmy winter temperatures to tropical winds that regularly sweep across parts of the state, especially in Miami, Tampa, and Orlando.


Louisiana winters are short and mild, and occur from December through February. Winter temperatures are usually milder in the Southern regions of New Orleans and Baton Rouge, which experience daytime highs of 66 °F. The northern part of the state experiences cooler winters (average high of 59 °F). The subtropical climate in Louisiana is mostly influenced by its low elevation and proximity to the Gulf.


Texas enjoys mild winters that are short (December to February) and dry. It seldom snows because of the low humidity in winter. Austin, the Texas capital, and other cities like Dallas and Houston all enjoy mild winters. January is typically the coldest month with average lows of 36 °F. However, in the arid Northwest, the climate is continental and winter temperatures regularly dip below freezing at night.


Georgia's proximity to the sea ensures winter is mild at best and cool at worst. There's also little snowfall and January is the coldest month, especially in the mountains, in the northern part of the state. Winter is from late November to early March, and the average temperature along the coast is about 45 °F (7 °C).


Mississippi's climate is humid subtropical. As one of the states with mild winters, there's a notable absence of severe cold between the months of December and February. For instance, Jackson has an average daytime high of 64 °F. January is the coldest month, with lows of about 38°F.


From December to February, Alabama has a winter average temperature of 48 °F (9 °C) with lows of about 35 °F (2 °C). Most nights are freezing, but generally, the southern areas, which are close to the Gulf of Mexico are warmer, while the northern, mountainous regions experience colder temperatures and snowfall.


California experiences sunny winter days and is one of the most favourite states with mild winters. The only places that get snow are in the mountains and the northern part of the state. Otherwise, places like San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and San Francisco all experience mild temperatures from December to February, with an average low of 40 °F to 50 °F.

South Carolina

South Carolina's humid subtropical climate results in mild to cold winters. Daily highs go up to 62°F (17 °C) and the lows can reach 42 °F (6°C). In January, temperatures can dip as low as 33 °F. The night temperature is milder along the coast, but tends to dip below freezing in the Midlands and Upstate area.


Winter temperatures in the mountain state of Arizona (December to February) are coldest at night, when they dip below freezing. The weather during the day is typically warm (average daytime temperature of 70 °F, especially in Southern Arizona in areas like Phoenix and Tucson. However, cold air masses in the mountains around central and northern Arizona make this region's winter much colder.

Mild Winter States 2024

  • For the purposes of the table below, mild winters are defined as those which feature little to no snowfall, have relatively sunny weather, and enjoy average temperatures of at least 50-60�F during the day and rarely fall below freezing at night.
  • States with mild winters have been further subdivided into moderate, warm, and hot winters based on their average temperatures November-February.
  • In several states, such as New Mexico and California, a portion of the state (typically southern/coastal regions) has mild winters, but the state as a whole falls outside the minimum temperature threshold for mild winters.

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Mild Winter States
AlabamaWarm Winter
ArizonaWarm Winter
CaliforniaWarm Winter
LouisianaWarm Winter
GeorgiaModerate Winter
MississippiModerate Winter
NevadaModerate Winter
South CarolinaModerate Winter
FloridaHot Winter
HawaiiHot Winter
TexasHot Winter