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There are 6 New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

New England States

New England States

New England is a region in the northeastern United States that includes six states. New England is the oldest region of the United States.

The Puritans originally established it as the Plymouth Colony in the 1600s. These Puritans came to America to leave behind the religious persecution they faced in England. The Plymouth Colony was the first in the New England region and the second colony of the United States.

Tribes originally inhabited the region includes the Penobscots, Pequots, and Abenaki – to name a few. As more Puritans came from England, the Massachusetts Bay Colony was established in 1629. In the 1630s, Providence Plantations was created and later merged with settlements to form the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. The Connecticut Colony was established in the 1630s.

Today, the region is still known as New England. As previously mentioned, there are six states in the area. Those states are:

According to estimates in 2017, there are over 14.8 million residents in New England. The region has a total area of over 71,991 square miles. The population density is about 210 people per square mile.

Boston, which is the capital of Massachusetts, is the largest city in the New England region. The largest metro area is Greater Boston, which is home to about one-third of New England’s total population.

New England States

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