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Pear Production by State 2024

Pear Production by State 2024

Pear production in the United States represents a significant sector of the country's agricultural industry, with its commercial cultivation primarily concentrated in select states. While precise data may vary year by year, the industry's cornerstone states generally include California, Oregon, and Washington. These regions boast favorable climates and soil conditions ideal for pear orchards.

California, known for its diverse agricultural output, contributes significantly to the nation's pear production. The state's Central Valley, particularly areas like the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys, provides fertile soil and a Mediterranean climate suitable for pear cultivation. Similarly, Oregon's temperate climate and nutrient-rich soils in regions such as the Willamette Valley support thriving pear orchards. Washington, with its cooler climate and irrigation infrastructure, also plays a vital role, particularly in areas like the Yakima Valley.

Despite these key players, other states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York also participate in pear cultivation, albeit to a lesser extent. However, their outputs often do not feature prominently in national summaries, given the dominance of California, Oregon, and Washington.

Pear Production by State 2024

  • Pear production in the United States in 2022 was 644,000 tons.
  • The overwhelming majority of US commercial pear production occurs in California, Oregon and Washington.
  • Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York host a small number of pear orchards as well, though their output is not included in annual summaries published by the United States Department of Agriculture.
  • Data excludes personal or hobbyist farms.

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Pear Production 2023 (tons)
Annual Production (acres)
Annual Production 2021 (tons)
Annual Production 2020 (tons)
United States645,000