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States without Sales Tax 2024

States without Sales Tax 2024

Sales tax is a type of levy imposed by the government at the point of sale for goods or services. To simplify, when you make a purchase, the sales tax is added to the cost of your purchase. For example, if a state has a 5% sales tax and you purchase an item that costs ten dollars, you will pay $10.50 at the register.

The amount of sales tax varies from state to state. Some states – 38 as of November 2018 – also have local sales taxes. The highest average combined state and local tax rates are in Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Washington, each of which has combined taxes of over 9%. At the state level, California has the highest tax rate at 7.25%. Four states fall only slightly behind with state sales tax rates of 7%. Those states are Tennessee, Indiana, Mississippi, and Rhode Island.

Forty-five states plus Washington, D.C., have statewide sales tax. The states that do not have state sales taxes are: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. Even though Alaska does not have a state sales tax, localities can charge local sales taxes.

States without Sales Tax 2024

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No Sales Tax
Additional Details
AlaskaNo state sales taxStill permits local sales tax
New HampshireNo state sales taxStill levies Meals and Rooms Tax on lodging, car rentals, and dining out
OregonNo state sales taxLevies a Vehicle Use Tax on buyers and Vehicle Privilege Tax on sellers of motor vehicles, as well as a flat $15 excise tax on bicycle sales
DelawareNo state sales taxLevies Gross Receipts Tax on seller rather than sales tax on purchaser
MontanaNo state sales taxExcise taxes still exist on certain items (tobacco, alcohol, lodging, fuel). Also, municipalities may charge up to 3% local sales taxes, also referred to as "Resort" or "Local Option" taxes