West Coast States 2020

The West Coast states – also known as the Pacific Coast -- of the United States are the states that lie along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean is to the west of these states, while the Sierra Nevada, Alaska Range, Mojave Desert, and Cascade Range lies to the east.

Based on the United States Census Bureau, there are five states that make up the Pacific States region. Those states are:

Based on the last census taken in 2010, the population of the five West Coast states was about 47.8 million. According to estimates taken in 2017, the population has since grown to over 51 million people.

The largest city among the West Coast states is Los Angeles. California’s largest city has an estimated population of nearly 4 million people. The next most populous cities are also located in California: San Diego, Santa Clara, San Francisco.

Outside of California, the most populous cities in the West Coast include Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Fresno, California; and Sacramento, California. However, only the top three most populous cities – Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Jose – have populations that exceed 1 million.

The West Coast is known for its beautiful beaches, its thriving cities, and a young, diverse population.

West Coast States 2020