Where is Alabama located?

Located in the southern region of the United States, Alabama was the twenty-second state to be admitted into the Union. Alabama has four borders, each of which separates Alabama from another U.S. state. With Mississippi to the west and Georgia to the east, Alabama is south of Tennessee and north of a small percentage of Florida. The majority of Alabama’s southern border lies along the Gulf of Mexico.

Three of Alabama’s four borders make contact with rivers as well.

  • Chattahoochee River in the east
  • Perdido River in the south
  • Tennessee River in the west

Most Extreme Points

The westernmost point of Alabama is in a city called Melvin, in Choctaw County, located along the border between Mississippi and Alabama. In northern Alabama, the most extreme point is six miles outside of the city of Waterloo. Alabama’s most southern point is a tie between Dauphin Island in Mobile County and Sand Island. Fort Mitchell lies along the border that Alabama shares with Georgia and it denotes the easternmost point of Alabama.

Total Area of Alabama

In total, Alabama has an area of 52,420 square miles. Of the total square mileage, an estimated 1,673 square miles are comprised of water. As of 2018, Alabama has a population of approximately 4,858,979 people. The population density is 94.4, meaning there are 94.4 people per square mile of land. These statistics land Alabama in the twenty-seventh spot on the list of states, in order of descending population. From its westernmost point to the state’s most eastern tip, Alabama has a width of 200 miles. From north to south, Alabama extends for 300 miles at its most extreme northern and southern points.

Levels of Elevation

On average, Alabama is only 500 feet above sea level. At its highest point, Alabama is 2,407 feet above sea level, designated by Mount Cheaha in the northeast. The border Alabama shares with the Gulf of Mexico is the Yellowhammer State’s lowest point of elevation.

Alabama’s GPS Coordinates

Alabama is located at a latitude of 32.3182° N and a longitude of 86.9023° W. With GPS coordinates of 32°50′5″N and 86°38′0″W, the geographic center of Alabama points to Chilton County, twelve miles outside of Clanton. There is a common misconception that Alabama’s geographic center lies in Montevallo. A fixture that resembles a tombstone is located in Reynolds Cemetery, Montevallo, AL, reads “Center in Alabama.” For decades, people believed this to be the geographic center of the Cotton State. However, multiple sources have confirmed that the legitimate center of Alabama is in Clanton.

Known for its timber, Alabama’s expansive forests are so dense and so expansive that, if combined, they would take up as much space as five whole states. Alabama is also the only state in the whole country that naturally produces the three elements needed for the production of steel: iron ore, limestone, and coal.

The state of Alabama is home to some of the most remarkable, historically-significant landmarks in the United States. From the famous USS Alabama battleship of World War II, to the unforgettable Revolutionary War masonry Fort Morgan, Alabama’s accessibility to both land and sea has served the state well. Alabama’s geographical location and abundance of natural resources makes the state a very appealing place to live.

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Where is Alabama located?

Alabama Belongs to the South U.S. Census Region