Where is Florida located?

Florida is a state in the U.S. that extends into the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Called the Sunshine State because of its consistently warm weather, Florida is a destination state for tourists nearly year-round. The tropical climate is due to its positioning relative to the equator. No other state in the contiguous United States

Florida’s Geographic Coordinates

The GPS coordinates of Florida are 27.6648° N and 81.5158° W. Florida shares its northern border with Georgia and Alabama. Other than this shared line of separation, the Sunshine State does not border any other states. Florida is entirely surrounded by water in the east, south, and west.

Extreme Points

Florida’s most extreme points have been the subject of controversial conversations. The majority of the state is encompassed by water, and for this reason, calculations of extreme points varied depending on tidal changes. Despite this, there are definitive points recognized as the most extreme points of Florida in each direction.

The northernmost point is along the Alabama border with a latitude of 31.0010° N and longitude of 85.1645° W. The easternmost locale is the Palm Beach Shores, with a latitude of 26°46′24.56″ N and a longitude of 80°1′51.29″ W. The southernmost tip of Florida is the Ballast Key, an island located in the Florida Keys, with GPS coordinates of 30°51′55.11″ N and 87°38′04.67″ W. To the west, the most extreme part of the state is actually a river, called the Perdido River, with coordinates of 30°51′55.11″ N and 87°38′04.67″ W.

Climate and Elevation of Florida

Though not every city in Florida has a true tropical climate, the state is predominately tropical. There are a few very humid regions of Florida scattered around the state. Most of these areas are closer inland than the cities along and near the coast. On average, most communities in Florida have an elevation level of 100 feet above sea level. The highest point in Florida is demarcated by Britton Hill, with an altitude of 345 feet. As one might imagine, Florida’s lowest elevation is at sea level.

Water Sources in the State of Florida

Florida’s close proximity to major bodies of water is both a blessing and a curse. While its location draws in quite the profit for Florida’s tourism revenue and overall economy, the state faces incredibly powerful natural disasters every year. Some of the worst hurricanes to date have destroyed parts of Florida, completely obliterating neighborhoods overnight. Even with the risk of storms, Florida is a destination state for many people on vacation.

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170,312 km2
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America/New_York, America/Chicago
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Where is Florida located?

Florida Belongs to the South U.S. Census Region