Where is Illinois located?

Illinois is one of twelve states in the Midwest. As part of the fifth region of the United States, Illinois operates on Central Standard Time. Known for its reputation as a trendsetter, Illinois is a prominent state in the Midwest. Illinois has an abundance of natural resources, such as timber, land, and agriculture – all of which heavily contribute to the overall economy in the U.S.

GPS Coordinates of Illinois

Illinois is located at a latitude of 40.6331° N and a longitude of 89.3985° W. Illinois is positioned between five other states as well as one of the Great Lakes. To the north, Illinois borders Wisconsin. In the south, Illinois shares part of its border with Missouri and the other part with Kentucky. With Iowa to the west and Indiana to the east, Illinois is south of Lake Michigan.

Elevation Levels

The mean elevation of Illinois is 600 feet above sea level. Charles Mound, a hill in Jo Daviess County, has an altitude of 1,235 feet above sea level, at its highest point. This happens to be the tallest point in all of Illinois as well. The lowest point of elevation in Illinois is the Mississippi River with an elevation of 279 feet above sea level.

Total Area and Population Density

From east to west, the state of Illinois is 210 miles wide. From north to south, Illinois is 390 miles in length. The total area of Illinois is 57,914 square miles, ranking the Land of Lincoln Prairie State as the twenty-fifth largest state based on physical size. According to a census compiled in 2018, the population of Illinois is 12,800,000 million people. In relation to the total area, this means that approximately 232 people per square mile of land. Indiana is the sixth most populous state in the U.S.A.

Extreme Points of Illinois

The northernmost point of Illinois is the northwestern tip of the state, located in Jo Daviess County. In the south, Illinois expands as far as Fort Defiance State Park in Alexander County. The westernmost point of Illinois is along the Wabash River.

There are two different points to reference when discussing the most eastern part of Illinois. With GPS coordinates of 38°46′57.56″ N and 87°29′50.19″ W, the easternmost point in terms of land area is near – but not part of – the Wabash River in Lawrence County. Similarly, the coordinates of 42°29′37.00″ N and 87°1′15.00″ W designate the easternmost tip in terms of water.

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Illinois Belongs to the Midwest U.S. Census Region