Where is Kentucky located?

Officially called the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the Bluegrass State is located in the south. More specifically, Kentucky is in the Third Region and the Sixth Division of the United States. As categorized and recognized by the Census Bureau, Kentucky is east south central state.

Geographic Location

Kentucky is centralized between seven states. To the north lies Oho, Indiana, and Illinois. Virginia, and West Virginia border Kentucky in east, and Tennessee is to the south. In the west, Kentucky and Missouri share a border.

Kentucky is divided into five different areas, based on geography and climate:

  • Jackson Purchase Region in the west
  • Western Coal Field in the northwest
  • Bluegrass Region in the north
  • Cumberland Plateau in the east
  • Pennyroyal Region in the south

Elevation Levels of Kentucky

On average, Kentucky is at an elevation of 750 feet above sea level. At its highest point, Kentucky is at an elevation of 4,139 feet above sea level, a point located at the peak of Black Mountain. The lowest point of elevation in Kentucky is a point along the Mississippi River at approximately 257 feet above sea level.

GPS Coordinates and Most Extreme Points of Kentucky

The GPS coordinates of Kentucky are 37.8393° N and 84.2700° W. The most central point of the entire state is located in Boyle County, right outside of Danville.

To the north, Kentucky’s furthest point is along the Ohio River near Boone County, with GPS coordinates of 39.1434° N and 84.7478° W. The easternmost point is along the Tug Fork River. The most extreme point to the south is approximately ten miles outside of the city of New Concord in Calloway County. The GPS coordinates of this point are 36.4972° N and 88.0575° W. The westernmost point of Kentucky is located on the Mississippi River nearest the Kentucky Bend.

Kentucky’s Total Area and Population

Kentucky has a total area of 40,409 square miles. Of this area, approximately 39,486 square miles are land areas, with the remaining 922 square miles being water. The state is 2.3% water and 97.7% land.

The total population of Kentucky is 4,472,265 people. Taking the total area into consideration, it is possible to calculate the population density of Kentucky. As of 2018, there are about 110 people per square mile. Kentucky is the twenty-second most populated state in the U.S.

State Name
104,656 km2
Area Ranking
Statehood Year
America/New_York, America/Kentucky/Louisville, America/Kentucky/Monticello, America/Louisville
Postal Abbreviation

Where is Kentucky located?

Kentucky Belongs to the South U.S. Census Region