Where is Maine located?

ine is the northernmost state, albeit on the East Coast. Surrounded by one U.S. states and two Canadian territories, Maine also lies along the Atlantic Ocean. New Brunswick, Canada, borders Maine to the northeast. In the northwest, the Canadian province of Quebec borders Maine. The state known as Vacationland is also bordered by New Hampshire in the west.

Total Area of Maine

Maine has a length of 320 miles and a width of 210 miles. The total area of Maine is 35,385 square miles. Maine is made up of 12.8% water and 87.2% land. In numerical terms, the total area is comprised of approximately 30,848 square miles of land, while the remaining 4,537 square miles include rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and basins. Based on total area alone, Maine is the thirty-ninth largest state in the U.S.

Population and Density

The population of Maine is 1,341,582 people as of the 2018 census. When you think about the total area in relation to the population, you can calculate the population density of a state. For example, dividing the population by the total area equals the density. In relation to Maine, dividing the population of 1,341,582 people by the total area of 35,385 square miles, the population density comes to about 38 people per square mile. Based on population density, Maine is the forty-second largest state. In other words, it is the ninth smallest state in terms of population.

GPS Coordinates and Geographic Center of Maine

The GPS coordinates of Maine are 45.2538° N and 69.4455° W. Maine’s geographic center point is north of Dover-Foxcroft in Piscataquis county, with a latitude of 45° 15.2' N and a longitude of 69° 14.0' W.

The northernmost point of Maine is Estcourt Station in Aroostook County. To the south, Maine’s most extreme point is Cedar Island Ledge in York County. Quoddy Head is the easternmost point of Maine, while the westernmost point lies along an intersection in Oxford County.

Elevation Levels: Highest, Lowest, and Average Levels

The average elevation of Maine is 600 feet above sea level. The highest point of elevation in the Pine Tree State is located at the very tip of Mount Katahdin, with an altitude of 5,276 feet above sea level. At larits lowest point, Maine is at sea level along the Atlantic Ocean.

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Maine Belongs to the Northeast U.S. Census Region