Where is New Jersey located?

New Jersey is a small state along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Considered part of the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States, New Jersey shares borders with two other states. Pennsylvania is to the west of New Jersey, and New York runs along the northern border of the Garden State.

Due to its relative proximity to other continents, New Jersey is home to such a variety of ethnicities. The East Coast states are a popular destination for immigrants to travel to, resulting in a diverse population. For example, there are approximately twelve prominent languages in New Jersey. The ease of access via the Atlantic Ocean accounts for New Jersey’s diversity.

Geographic Center Point and GPS Coordinates

The GPS coordinates of New Jersey are comprised of a latitude of 40.0583° N and a longitude of 74.4057° W, placing New Jersey in the northeastern area of the United States. The geographic center of New Jersey has coordinates of 40° 4.2' N and 74° 33.5' W. These coordinates pinpoint an area in Mercer County. Despite being the center point, this location appears to be more located in a more northwest region than positioned in the middle of New Jersey, but that would only be the case with a state in the shape of a perfect square.

Elevation Levels of New Jersey

New Jersey sits level with the sea at its lowest point of elevation. The eastern and southern borders of New Jersey are surrounded by water. To the east lies the Atlantic Ocean. In the south, New Jersey is encompassed by the Delaware Bay. New Jersey’s highest point is named for the occasion. Called the High Point, New Jersey reaches an elevation of 1,803 feet above sea level in Sussex County. On average, New Jersey has an elevation level of roughly 250 feet above sea level.

Total Area and Population Density of New Jersey

New Jersey has a total area of approximately 8,723 square miles. With a length of 170 miles and a width of 70 miles, New Jersey is the forty-seventh largest state in the U.S.A. In other words, NJ is the fourth smallest state based on total area. With a population of approximated 9,006,000 people, there are an average of 1,210 people per square mile of land. As you might assume, New Jersey is the most populous state in the U.S. The size of the state does not deter people from moving there because the coastline is such an appealing perk of living in New Jersey, but as a result, the state is incredibly dense.

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New Jersey
22,591 km2
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New Jersey Belongs to the Northeast U.S. Census Region