Where is Ohio located?

Located centrally in the Midwest, Ohio is part of the Great Lakes Region of the United States. Ohio is surrounded by land on three sides, with Lake Erie to the north of the state. Michigan also borders the westernmost side of the northern border. In the east, Ohio shares borders with West Virginia and Pennsylvania. To the south, Ohio is bordered by Kentucky, and Indiana is to the west of Ohio.

GPS Coordinates and Geographic Center of Ohio

Ohio has GPS coordinates of 40.4173° N and 82.9071° W. The geographic center point of is north of Columbus, located within a small town in Knox County called Centerberg. Rightfully so, at that. The coordinates of the centermost point of Ohio consist of a latitude of 40.3045° N and a longitude of 82.6963° W. Centerberg is situated along the North Fork of the Licking River.

Total Area of the State

The total area of Ohio is 44,826 square miles. Of this total area, Ohio is made up of 40,861 square miles of land and 3,965 square miles of water. In percentages, Ohio is 91.2% land and 8.8% water. With a copious amount of rivers and lakes all across the state, Ohio is bordered by Lake Erie in the north. The name Ohio translates to mean “the good river” and the state is named for the Ohio River.

Population and Density

As of 2018, there are approximately 11,694,664 people living in Ohio. The population of Ohio does not climb as rapidly as years go on as you might think. With such a large population size, it makes logical sense to assume that Ohio grows exponentially every year, but in reality, the Buckeye State has not even grown 1% greater than its official population in 2010.

The population of Ohio in 2010 was 11,536,504 people which is a difference of about 158,160 people over the course of eight years. That is roughly a 0.67% increase in population, which is not very high at all. Given Ohio’s population and total area, the population density of Ohio is about 261 people per square mile. This ranks Ohio as the seventh most populous state in the U.S.

Points of Elevation: Highest, Lowest, and Average

The average elevation of Ohioan land rests at 1,549 feet above sea level. As the state with the thirty-first highest mean elevation, Ohio’s lowest point is along the Ohio River with an elevation of 455 feet above sea level. In the opposite direction, Ohio soars as high as 1,549 feet above sea level atop Campbell Hill.

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Ohio Belongs to the Midwest U.S. Census Region