Where is Oklahoma located?

Home to natural gas and an abundance of oil wells, Oklahoma is part of the South Central Region of the U.S. Oklahoma is surrounded by six states. North of Oklahoma lies Kansas. Oklahoma shares a border with Colorado in the upper northwest as well, though this border is much shorter than that shared with Kansas. New Mexico and Oklahoma are faintly connected in the northwest of OK as well. Texas lies directly south of Oklahoma, while Arkansas and Missouri are to the east.

GPS Coordinates and Geographic Center

Oklahoma can be found on a map using the coordinates of 35.0078° N and 97.0929° W. The most central point of the state of Oklahoma is in Oklahoma County, just north of OK City. The coordinates for the centermost part of Oklahoma are comprised of a latitude of 97°39.6' W and a longitude of 35°32.2' N.

Oklahoma’s Most Extreme Points in Four Cardinal Directions

The points of extremity refer to the furthest distance the state reaches in each of the four cardinal directions. The most extreme points of Oklahoma are…

  • Northernmost: border between Oklahoma and Kansas, which also happens to be the 37th parallel line.
  • Easternmost: southeastern area of Sequoyah County, with coordinates of 35°23′39″ N and 94°25′52″W.
  • Southernmost: on the shore of Gunn Lake, with coordinates of 33°36′56″ N and 94°31′34″ W.
  • Westernmost: border between Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Elevation Levels in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s lowest point of elevation is located along the Little River. At a mere 289 feet above sea level, this measurement is relatively typical of rivers. At its highest point, Oklahoma reaches 4,973 feet above sea level. This point is at the very top of Black Mesa near the border between New Mexico and Oklahoma. A fun fact about this location unrelated to elevation is the geologists have uncovered over eighteen tons of bones believed to be those of dinosaurs. In terms of elevation, Oklahoma ranks as number twenty on the list of highest mean elevation levels.

Total Area, Population, and Density

With a total area of 69,903 square miles, Oklahoma is in the top twenty states with the highest total area. As of the 2018 census compiled by the Census Bureau, the population of Oklahoma is 3,940,521 people. From here, it is possible to determine the population density. By dividing the population by the total area, we find that Oklahoma’s population density is 56.37, meaning that approximately 57 people occupy every square mile of Oklahoma. While it is not a literal requirement that each square mile have only 57 residents in total, it is a way of expressing the size of the state in relation to the number of people that call it home.

State Name
181,037 km2
Area Ranking
Oklahoma City
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Where is Oklahoma located?

Oklahoma Belongs to the South U.S. Census Region