Where is Rhode Island located?

Rhode Island is part of New England. While the thirteenth state is known by all as Rhode Island, that is actually its nickname. The official name for Rhode Island is the State of Rhode Island. With the Atlantic Ocean to the south and Connecticut to the west, Rhode Island is situated in a way where Massachusetts is both north and east of Rhode Island.

GPS Coordinates of Rhode Island

The latitude of Rhode Island is 41.5801° N and the longitude is 71.4774° W. The geographic center of Rhode Island is a mile away from the city of Crompton in Kent County, with coordinates of 41°40′18″ N and 71°34′36″ W.

Total Area and Makeup of Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s total area is a mere 1,545 square miles. Water makes up 33.1% of Rhode Island, which equates to about 511 square miles. The remaining 1,034 square miles are home to 1,061,712 residents. Therefore, the population density of Rhode Island is 1,006 people per square mile. Despite being the smallest state in terms of area, Rhode Island is the second most populous state, right after the District of Columbia, though D.C. is arguably not a state, but rather a district. The dimensions of Rhode Island are 48 miles by 37 miles. This is read as a length of 48 miles and a width of 48 miles.

Extreme Points of the Ocean State

Rhode Island is surrounded by three other states. To the north, the most extreme point is within the city limits of Cumberland. The southernmost tip of Rhode Island is located on Block Island in the Block Island Sound. To the east, the most extreme point is along Rhode Island’s border with Massachusetts. Napatree Point denotes the westernmost point in RI.

Elevation of Rhode Island

Rhode Island is about 350 feet above sea level on average. The lowest point of elevation is the Atlantic Ocean. All bodies of water are at sea level, making the lowest point of elevation at 0 feet above sea level for Rhode Island. In contrast, the highest altitude in Rhode Island is Jerimoth Hill with an elevation of 812 feet above sea level. Rhode Island is encompassed by three major bodies of water:

  • The Block Island Sound
  • The Rhode Island Sound
  • The Atlantic Ocean

Known as Little Rhody by locals, part of Rhode Island’s charm is due to its easy access to beaches and coastlines. Many East Coast residents make their way to Rhode Island in the summer to enjoy the breeze and lay under the sun.

State Name
Rhode Island
4,001 km2
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Rhode Island Belongs to the Northeast U.S. Census Region