Australian Capital Territory Population 2024

What is the Australian Capital Territory?

The Australian Capital Territory, which is abbreviated as the ACT, was known as the Federal Capital Territory until 1938. It is a landlocked federal territory of the country of Australia which includes the capital of Canberra and some surrounding townships. The ACT is mainly located in southeastern Australia as an enclave which is within the state of New South Wales. ACT was created as a result of the founding of the federation which acts as the seat of government for the new nation. The ACT hosts and has all of the important institutions that are related to and owned by the Australian government.

What is the Population and History of the Capital?

The population of ACT is around 430,000 which was taken in the census of June 2021. On January 1 in 1901, the federation of the colonies of the entirety of Australia was fully achieved. This brought into the constitution the new document which provided the land situated in New South Wales and about 160km from the largest city of Sydney would be given to the creation of the new federal government. After this occurred, there were discussions about the exploration of the areas found within the region of New South Wales, another act was passed in 1908 to officially create the capital of Yass-Canberra in the region. New South Wales was fully transferred to federal powers in 1911, which was 2 years before the capital city was founded and eventually recognized as the capital of Canberra in 1913.

Most of the population of ACT resides in the City of Canberra and the land to the northeast of the region, but it also includes some significant surrounding townships and a large National Park. The ACT area is home to many of the institutions which make a part of the federal government, dotting the landscape with museums and national monuments. The ACT is the second smallest mainland state/territory by population in Australia. In extremely recent news, the border between New South Wales and the ACT will change, resulting in a novel addition to the documents since its initial creation in 1911. There is an agreed-upon border change of over 330 hectares of good land.

What are Some Interesting Facts About the Australian Capital Territory?

ACT is home to many national monuments, which attracts many tourists from abroad and domestically alike. Such institutions as the Australian War Memorial and the National Gallery of Australia are found within this territory. Many of the Commonwealth state buildings in Canberra are open for public enjoyment, which includes the Mint and the High Court. Tourists come to attend ACT's vibrant art scene due to its inclusion of great venues that are used for live theater and music performances. The Canberra Theatre and Playhouse hosts numerous significant productions and concerts. The eccentric nightlight is underlined by its prestigious nightclubs and bars, which also offer a diverse mix of live entertainment. People come from far and wide to see the National Folk Festival and the Royal Canberra show.