There are 32 cities in Howard County, Arkansas.

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2024 Population
2020 Census
Annual Change
Density (mi²)
Area (mi²)
Los Lunas1New Mexico19,99917,3103.81%1,06818.73
Belen2New Mexico7,4207,3720.04%39118.95
El Cerro Mission3New Mexico4,9994,808 8505.88
Rio Communities4New Mexico4,9134,566 6397.69
Los Chaves5New Mexico4,8404,965 47110.28
Meadow Lake6New Mexico4,7454,266 41111.54
Bosque Farms7New Mexico4,0434,023 1,0273.94
Peralta9New Mexico3,4223,3570.41%7704.44
El Cerro10New Mexico3,2443,138 7694.22
Bishopville12South Carolina2,8392,993-1.25%1,2152.34
Valencia15New Mexico2,0121,995 1,0141.98
Las Maravillas16New Mexico1,7961,960 1,7781.01
Jarales17New Mexico1,6902,207 1948.72
Mineral Springs18Arkansas1,0381,081-1.14%4632.24
Tome19New Mexico1,0131,585 2054.95
Adelino21New Mexico7901,110 2922.71
Monterey Park23New Mexico5841,097 2212.65
Sausal24New Mexico497801 2202.26
Pueblitos25New Mexico422205 1982.14
Highland Meadows26New Mexico411460 596.92
Dyckesville27Wisconsin343450 3311.04
Lynchburg28South Carolina302316-0.98%2671.13
Casa Colorada29New Mexico259125 475.52
Chical30New Mexico212205 2610.81
Tollette31Arkansas188190 1950.96
Madrone32New Mexico174579 573.08
showing: 32 rows

Cities in Howard County, Arkansas by Population (2024)

What is the largest city in Howard County, Arkansas?

Los Lunas is the largest city in Howard County.

What is the smallest city in Howard County, Arkansas?

Madrone is the smallest city in Howard County.

How many cities are in Howard County?

There are 32 cities in Howard County, Arkansas.

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