Bordeaux Population 2023

Bordeaux's 2023 population is now estimated at 1,000,475In 1950, the population of Bordeaux was 430,358Bordeaux has grown by 9,825 in the last year, which represents a 0.99% annual change. These population estimates and projections come from the latest revision of the UN World Urbanization Prospects. These estimates represent the Urban agglomeration of Bordeaux, which typically includes Bordeaux's population in addition to adjacent suburban areas.

Paris may be the first place in France that comes to mind and it is undoubtedly one of the most populated cities in the country, but it is not the only city in France that has made an impact on the country. Bordeaux is the sixth largest city in France and boasts the most famous wine industry in the world. This port city directly on the Garonne River has much to offer both residents and tourists alike.

City Size and Population Density

The city of Bordeaux has 49 square kilometers of area in the city proper, expanding to 1,172 square kilometers in the urban area, and further expanding to 5,613 square kilometers in the entire metropolitan area. The population density is upwards of 5,000 individuals per square kilometer.


The population of Bordeaux is 241,287 and, of that overall population, demographics show that there are 112,890 males and 128,397 females. 72.5% of the overall population falls between the ages of 15 and 64. There is an estimated 14% of the population below the age of 15 and 10.5% of the population over the age of 65.

91.7% of Bordeaux residents identify as citizens of France, with only 8.3% of the population classified as immigrants.


You cannot speak of Bordeaux without talking about wine. It is what the area of France is known for, and it is one of the largest industries in the country. The wine production in Bordeaux comes commercially from 66 different appellations. On these lands, the number of acres for wine production is 296,596. There are also 7,375 wineries producing and housing over 10,000 vintages of Bordeaux wines. The overall value of wines produced in the Bordeaux region alone has grown to a staggering $2 billion annually – that is approximately 900 million bottles of wine produced each year. Quite a feat for any city and the world of wine would be much worse off without the fantastic flavor of Bordeaux wines.


One of the least talked about aspects of Bordeaux is the architecture. When so many old buildings have been torn down due to development, Bordeaux has worked to ensure that the unique architecture of every part of its history remains for all to see. Although some of the structures have been lost to time, the efforts put forth by private citizens as well as the government have maintained over 5,000 unique architectural buildings throughout the city. It is one of the most complete collections of architectural history anywhere in the world.


Getting around a large city like Bordeaux can be difficult, especially if you do not understand the culture. Bordeaux is quite a crowded city, and therefore it is unwise to drive to your destination. The best way to get to and from where you want to go is by public transportation, which is quite reliable. The buses are the most obvious means of transport, but it is advised to keep off the buses during the peak hours of 8 am to 10 am, and 4 pm to 7 pm, as the city center will be in gridlock at that time of the day. To get to the main parts of Bordeaux, the best way to travel is by walking, biking, or using the electric tram. This is how the locals often travel and tends to be the fastest way to get around.

Population Growth History

In 1793 the population of Bordeaux was near 104,500 residents. This dropped to nearly 91,000 in 1800. The population grew slowly until 1921 when the population reached 267,000 - the peak of the population over its history. Since this time, the population has had little growths and losses but has remained relatively steady with a population over 208,000.

Growth Rate

Bordeaux Population 2023

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Bordeaux Population Data (Urban Area)

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