Chichester Population 2020

Chichester is a city located in West Sussex, England. It is the only city in West Sussex and serves as the county town.

City Size and Population Density

The city is quite small with an area of just over 4 square miles. The population, according to the last Census taken in 2011, is 26,795 people, giving the city a population density of 5,760 people per square mile.

Demographics of Chichester

Approximately 52% of the population is female, while the remaining 48% is male. The average age in Chichester is 45 years old.

The majority of people that reside in this city were born in England, making up almost 89% of the city’s total population. Other countries of origin include Scotland, Wales, India, Ireland, and South Africa, amongst others.

Over 97% of the people of Chichester speak English as their first language. Other languages spoken in the area include Polish, French, German and Spanish – to name a few – but are each spoken by less than 1% of the city’s population.

Over 66% of the population is Christian. About 24% do not follow a religion. Smaller religious groups include Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, and Hindus.

Population Growth

The city of Chichester has not experienced a population boom like many other cities around the world. Like other smaller cities in England, Chichester has experienced slow growth throughout its history, a trend that is expected to continue at least through the near future.

Chichester Population 2020