Coffs Harbour Population 2024

Coffs Harbour's 2024 population is now estimated at 52,780In 2006, the population of Coffs Harbour was 26,353

Coffs Harbour is a city located along the coast of New South Wales, Australia. This city is one of the largest along the North Coast, with an estimated population of just over 70,000 as of 2017. This city attracts more residents each year and tourists as well for its thriving industry, beautiful coasts, and multiple attractions throughout the series, including national parks and reserves.

City Area and Population Density

The city area covers a total of 1,175 square kilometers and with an ever-growing population that has exceeded 70,000, the current population density comes to approximately 62 residents living per square kilometer.

Coffs Harbour Demographics

The total population of the Coffs Harbour urban area was estimated to be just over 70,000 in 2017. The suburb Coffs Harbour has a much smaller population of an estimated 25,752 as of 2016.

There are slightly more female than male residents, with 52.5% of the population being female according to the 2016 census, which is higher than the national average. The average age is 43, which is also higher than the national average.

Over three-quarters of the residents were born in Australia. Other residents were born in England, New Zealand and Myanmar. Over 62% of residents also had parents that were born in Australia.

When breaking down religion among the people of Coffs Harbour, nearly 30% do not associate themselves with a religion. The top most-practiced religion in the city is Catholicism, of which 20% of residents practice. Other faiths include Anglican and Presbyterian.

Coffs Harbour History

Coffs Harbour was first established during the 1870s. However, it did not become a city until 1987. The city was initially named Korff’s Harbour by John Korff during the 1800s. However, the name was accidentally changed to Coffs Harbour by the surveyor of the crown.

Throughout the years, the city’s economy has been dependent on bananas and timber. However, in recent years, a staple crop of the region is blueberries, while the economy is now more reliant on the fishing and tourism industries. Today, the city is home to a Southern Cross University campus, a hospital, shopping centers, and restaurants, as well as national parks and a national marine park.

Coffs Harbour Population Growth

The Coffs Harbour urban area has seen steady growth throughout the years. The suburb of Coffs Harbour had a population of 25,752 in 2016, which reflected an increase of approximately 4,000 people since 2011. Given its location and proximity to the coast and resort towns, its natural beauty, thriving industry, and educational opportunities, the population of this Australian city is only expected to grow larger.

Growth Rate

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Growth Rate

Coffs Harbour Population Data (Urban Area)

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2024 Population
2024 Growth
Gold Coast742,6001.4%
Sunshine Coast370,8281.52%
Central Coast344,2000.84%

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