Rockhampton Population 2024

Rockhampton's 2024 population is now estimated at 60,407In 2006, the population of Rockhampton was 60,827

Rockhampton is located in Queensland, Australia. This city has a population of 80,665 people. It is the fourth largest regional city in Queensland. Rockhampton is known for its many days of sunshine, which makes it possible to participate in a variety of outdoor sports and activities. Multiple attractions, retail shopping, and a thriving economy make Rockhampton a desirable city.

Rockhampton Demographics

In Rockhampton, the population is 50.6% female and 49.4% male. Over 88% of the population are citizens of Australia. Over 7% of the population are Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. Almost 80% of the population is over the age of 15. The average household size in Rockhampton is 2.48.

Rockhampton History

Rockhampton was first settled by Europeans in 1853. In the years that followed, there were multiple battles between European settlers and the Darumbal Aboriginal people. The permanent settlement of Rockhampton township was established in 1856. Because of its grazing lands and surrounding waters, the town began to experience rapid growth. Two years after the township was established, the town of Rockhampton was proclaimed.

The population boomed in the late 1850s with the discovery of gold at Canoona. However, not much else was found after the initial discovery. Once it was realized that no more gold was to be found, some people left, while others remained in the town.

The town continued to grow throughout the years, and the latter half of the 1800s saw the construction of banks, a court house, and schools. Rockhampton was also an important port that exported wool, further contributing to the economy. The port was used to channel gold found at Mount Morgan and the town continued to prosper.

Rockhampton was proclaimed a city in 1902 and the years that followed brought continued growth, including a passenger tramway and a railway. Rockhampton was also the site of an Army base during World War II.

Rockhampton also saw its share of struggles, starting with damage incurred during a cyclone in 1949. The city was again affected by a cyclone in 2015, which brought flooding and damaged hundreds of homes and businesses.

Today, the economy is reliant upon the agricultural sector, including cattle trade. Transport, manufacturing, energy and mining are also important industries in modern Rockhampton. Tourism is also a booming industry because of its proximity to Brisbane, as well as attractions such as the Rockhampton Botanic Gardens and Rockhampton Zoo.

Rockhampton Population Growth

Rockhampton has primarily seen steady population growth since the 1930s. Though there was a slight decline between 1996 and 2001, the city has bounced back in terms of population growth and has experienced rising numbers since 2006. Rockhampton’s weather, activities, natural attractions, retail shopping, and business opportunities ensure that the city will continue to see growth into the future.

Growth Rate

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Growth Rate

Rockhampton Population Data (Urban Area)

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2024 Population
2024 Growth
Gold Coast742,6001.4%
Sunshine Coast370,8281.52%
Central Coast344,2000.84%

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