Scarborough Population 2022

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Scarborough is a town located in North Yorkshire, England. Scarborough has 61,749 residents, who are also known as Scarborians. The larger urban has a population that exceeds 108,000.

Scarborough is known for being the largest resort town along the Yorkshire coast. Its economy is reliant on the fishing and service industries, although more recently digital and creative industries also contribute to the economy. It is also a popular tourist destination, which plays into the local economy.

Scarborough Population Demographics

As previously mentioned, the town’s population is over 61,000. However, because this is such a popular tourist destination, during peak seasons the population can double the population. The residents of Scarborough are much younger than the national average. Just 7.5% of the population are over 60, compared to the national average of almost 21%. The number of residents that are in the 20 to 39 age range also falls below the national average.

Scarborough Population Growth

Scarborough’s population goes up and down throughout the year based on the number of tourists. Because of its many sights and attractions, including the North Bay, the Scarborough Castle ruins, stunning hotels, and modern shopping centers, the tourism industry is expected to continue to thrive, which will likely lead to an increasing population of both tourists and residents.

Scarborough Population 2022

Scarborough Population Data (Urban Area)

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