Tamworth Population 2024

Tamworth's 2024 population is now estimated at 30,578In 2006, the population of Tamworth was 33,475

Throughout the United Kingdom, you can find many remains of its long history. The most notable are the structures that have stood the test of time and the stories that go along with them. Tamworth may not be the first city that is thought of when visiting the UK, but with a convenient location between Birmingham and London, and the fact that the city has a fascinating history, Tamworth is well worth a visit.


Tamworth is certainly not among the largest cities in the UK, but it has so much character and history that it is not hard to fall in love with the area. The current population of the city is 76,813 people, with a population density of 24.9010 people for every hectare of land. The average population growth for Tamworth is currently 12%, so we can expect to see those population numbers continue to rise. The number of females in the city of Tamworth outnumbers males with 51% women and 49% men. These numbers are according to the 2011 census of Tamworth. The next census is expected in 2021.


The majority religion for the city of Tamworth is Christianity. 48,632 people practice Christianity, while Buddhists make up only 128 people, Hindus 167, Muslims 235, Sikhs 152, and Jews just nine people in the whole population. Other religions not listed make up 263 people and an increasing number of people claim no religion (that number now sits at 22,540 people within Tamworth). A further 4,687 people did not respond to the question at all when asked for the census.

Marital Status

The total number of couples within the city of Tamworth is 37,931. 29,482 of these couples stated that they were legally married while 8,102 stated that they were merely cohabitating with a member of the opposite sex. Same sex couples make up 347 of all couples in Tamworth. For the rest of the population who stated they were not part of a couple, 13,749 have never been married. The number of separated but still married people is 1,263, while legally divorced people totaled 4,234 people. Widowed spouses make up the final group of individuals with 3,506 claiming to have lost their spouse.


It is no surprise that the majority of the population of speaks English at 98.30%. Although the majority language is English, there are other languages represented in Tamworth. Polish is the second most widely spoken language at .8%. Slovak, Gujarati, Latvian, Panjabi, Lithuanian, and Chinese are spoken by .1% of the population. The remaining .3% of the population speaks other languages not listed on the current census.

Active Economy

Residents between the ages of 16 and 74 are the main workforce in Tamworth. The number of people within this category stands at 56,833. Those that have remained active and fall within this age bracket make up 41,188 people. Those that are currently inactive, but still fall within the age bracket total 15,645. 24,514 people are employed full time, 8,566 part time, and 2,541 are currently unemployed.

Growth Rate

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Growth Rate

Tamworth Population Data (Urban Area)

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2024 Population
2024 Growth
Gold Coast742,6001.4%
Sunshine Coast370,8281.52%
Central Coast344,2000.84%

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