Wolverhampton Population 2020

Wolverhampton is a city located in West Midlands, England. According to recent estimates has a population of 256,600, making it only the 59th most populous city in England.

City Size and Population Density

The city covers a total area of 26.81 square miles. The population density is 8,820 inhabitants – known as Wulfranians – per square mile.

Wolverhampton Population Demographics

Breaking the Wolverhampton population down by race shows that 68% of the total population is white, with 64.5% of this number being White British. Over 17% of the population is South Asian, almost 7% is Black, 2.5% are Chinese or other Asian, while just over 5% are mixed race. There are slightly more females than males, with women making up 51% of the population. There is a larger number of people aged 60 and older than children 15 and under living in Wolverhampton.

Religion in Wolverhampton

The majority of Wulfranians identify as being Christian, with over 67% of the population practicing Christianity. Non-Christian religions are followed by 13.6% of the population. Wolverhampton has a number of Hindu residents higher than the national average. The city also has one of the largest Sikh populations in England and Wales.

Population Growth

The population of Wolverhampton has had its highs and lows since the mid-18th century. In the 1960s, the population dropped slightly before growing almost 6% in the next decade. However, since that time, the population has dropped by less than 1% every ten years, leaving open questions as to the future growth potential for this English city.

Wolverhampton Population 2020