Argentine National Anthem

The National Anthem of Argentina, or the Himno Nacional Argentino as it is known to its citizens, was adopted on May 11, 1813. Prior to its adoption, the nation had several anthems that were composed. The version that was introduced in 1813 was used through most of the 19th century. However, it was shortened to include only the first verse, chorus and last verse, which is the version that is used today.

The first anthem of the nation was first published in 1810. This anthem was known as the Patriotic March and was written by Esteban de Luca and Blas Parera. The theme of this anthem was the Peninsular War, when Spain was conquered by France. Two years later, the triumvirate commissioned a national anthem that was written by Cayetano Rodriguez and Blas Parera. This song, however, was determined to not be effective as a national anthem, so the following year, 1813, was when a call for lyrics to a new anthem was put out. A lawyer by the name of Vicente Lopez y Planes wrote a poem that was chosen as the best and the one that would be used as the new national anthem. Parera was once again tapped to create the music for this anthem.

Originally, this song was known as the National Patriotic Song, then was shorted to Patriotic Song. However, an arrangement dated from 1848 named the song Himno Nacional Argentino – the name that is still used today. One early problem that arose was that many variations of the anthem were being sung. In 1860, an official version was created. However, many of the changes were rolled back in 1927, bringing about a host of new problems. This version was eventually rejected and the original version was restored and confirmed as the official national anthem in 1944. Prior to this, the song was shortened to remove part of the song, leaving only the first and last versus and the chorus.

Argentina’s national anthem centers on the theme of independence. Previously, the longer version referenced the Spanish American wars of independence and events in other areas of the world but the decree of 1900 that shortened the song removed these parts.

Today, this national anthem is performed during all official events. Citizens are expected to stand and sing while it is playing. TV stations also play the national anthem before broadcasting ends for the day, while radio broadcasters play the song at midnight. Because it was adopted on May 11, this date has been designated as Anthem Day.

Argentine National Anthem Lyrics