Where is Ethiopia in the World?

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As a country in Africa, Ethiopia is situated in an area called the Horn of Africa. Known more formally as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the country is in the northeast of Africa. As a landlocked country, Ethiopia is surrounded by six other African countries: Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, and Djibouti.

GPS Coordinates of Ethiopia

The GPS coordinates of Ethiopia are 9.1450° N and 40.4897° E. The latitude of Ethiopia is situated in the northern hemisphere, meaning Ethiopia is above the equator. With a longitudinal coordinate in the east, Ethiopia is in the eastern region.

Most Extreme Points of Ethiopia

The northernmost point of Ethiopia is along the border separating Ethiopia and Eritrea, another African country. This point is at a latitude of 14°53' N. In the south, Ethiopia extends as far as a small town, called Moyale, that lies between Ethiopia and Kenya. As part of the Borena Zone, this point is located at a latitudinal coordinate of 03°24' N. Ethiopia’s most extreme point is in the Oromia Region, right along the border between Kenya and Ethiopia.

The most extreme point of Ethiopia in the west is along the border between Ethiopia and Sudan. As the 132nd most western point, Ethiopia’s westernmost point has a longitudinal coordinate of 33°00' E, which places this specific point in the Gambela Region of Ethiopia. The easternmost point of Ethiopia rests along the Ethiopian-Somalian border. At a longitude of 48°00' E, the most extreme point in the east is part of the Somali Region of Africa.

Ethiopia’s Total Area and Population

With a total area of 426,400 square miles, Ethiopia ranks as the 26th largest country based on physical size. The country is approximately 1,018 miles long and 980 miles wide. The total area of Ethiopia is about 90.5% land and 9.5% water. In other words, Ethiopia’s total area is divided into 386,102 square miles of land and 40,298 square miles of water.

The population of Ethiopia is around 108,780,268 people as of 2018. Since populations fluctuate, the population of Ethiopia today might differ from the country’s population a week from now, seeing as the population of Ethiopia continues to climb every day. Based on current calculations, Ethiopia ranks as the 12th most populated country out of a total of 196 countries. The population density of Ethiopia is about 256 people per square mile. Ethiopia is the 132nd most densely populated country in the world.

Official Name
Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Common Name
1,104,300 km²
Bordering Countries
Djibouti, Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan
Calling Code
Addis Ababa
8, 38
Eastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

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