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The current population of Vatican City is 764 based direct reporting data courtesy of Vatican City. The country's estimated July 1, 2024 population is 764.

Vatican City Growth Rate

Note: Data for 2023 onward comes directly from Vatican City's official website rather than an external source. As such, data from 2023 onward should not be compared directly to data from previous years, as variances may reflect differences in the sources' methodologies rather than population.

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Vatican City Population by Year (Historical)

Surface Area and Population Density

There are only .44 square kilometers of area within the Vatican City, so the entire population is contained within less than a single square kilometer of space.

Demographics in the Vatican City

Italian, Swiss, Argentinian, and other nationalities are common among the population that resides here. The languages include Italian, Latin, French, and various other languages as pertaining to the current residents. The residents are those that work in the city itself and in some cases their family members. Papal approval is required to become a citizen of the Vatican City.

Independence Obtained

11 February 1929 is the date that the three treaties were signed - giving full sovereignty of the land to the Vatican City and allowing it to establish it's own absolute monarchy. Currently, Pope Francis holds the chief of state position in the Holy See (as it is otherwise known).

Is Vatican City a Country?

There are a lot of people who are still wondering, is the Vatican a country? Yes, the Vatican is a country. It is one of the smallest countries on Earth. It is also incredibly unique in that it is surrounded by Italy on all sides. Even though there are other small countries that are entirely contained within another country, the situation in The Vatican is unique. While there are borders that people have to pass through to get from Italy to the Vatican, there is a lot of free travel that takes place on a daily basis.

Is The Vatican a Holy Place?

Yes, the Vatican is considered to be a holy place. The Vatican is the seat of the Catholic religion. The pope lives in the Vatican. All major decisions that take place regarding Catholicism happen in the Vatican. Furthermore, many followers of Catholicism make a pilgrimage to the Vatican at least once in their lives.

Is The Vatican Fun To Visit?

Yes, the Vatican is a fun place to visit. Even if you are not Catholic, it is still interesting to learn the history of the Vatican and see the papal estates. There are a lot of rules that people have to follow when they visit the Vatican, so check them before visiting.

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