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Age of First Kiss by Country 2024

First kisses are a memorable milestone in a person's life, yet pinpointing a definitive age for this experience is challenging due to various cultural, geographical, and religious factors. Generally, for most people around the world, the first real kiss occurs during the teen years, but the age and context vary significantly from one region to another.

Kisses, with their diverse meanings and types, are influenced heavily by cultural norms. In many parts of the world, a kiss on the cheek is a common, acceptable gesture of respect and friendship. However, in places like India, kissing is seen as a more intimate act, typically reserved for married couples. Consequently, in countries where kissing is a formal and intimate expression, people often experience their first kiss later in life. In contrast, in regions where cheek kissing is more prevalent, the first kiss tends to happen at an earlier age.

In the United States, teenagers generally experience their first kiss around the age of 15, with regional variations. Southern girls often have their first kiss earlier than those in the North, and rural youths typically kiss later than their suburban and urban counterparts. In the United Kingdom, the average age for the first kiss is 16, regardless of gender or region.

France, known for its romantic culture, sees its youth experiencing their first kiss between ages 13 and 14, where a kiss is considered an intimate gesture for loved ones. Germans, reflecting the average for most of Europe, have their first kiss around the age of 16, although this can vary within the country's diverse culture.

Japanese youth generally wait until 18 or 19 to share their first kiss, which is later than many other countries. In India, where kissing is viewed as highly intimate, the average age for a first kiss is around 22, typically occurring when a romantic relationship becomes serious.

In Russia, there is a noticeable gender difference: men report their first kiss around age 14, younger than women. Scandinavian culture, known for its conservatism, sees the average age for a first kiss at 17. Surprisingly, in Australia, the first kiss typically occurs around the age of 19, with men experiencing it around 17 and women waiting until about 19.

Data gathered for Scandinavia as a whole has been applied to Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

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At what age is the average first kiss?

In France, the average first kiss occurs at the age of 13, which is one of the youngest ages. However, the average age across the globe varies depending on the culture and customs of the country.

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