Aircraft Carriers By Country 2020

An aircraft carrier is a type of warship that does exactly what you would expect: it carries aircraft for the military. These ships have a flight deck and enough space for carrying, arming, and deploying aircraft without needing a local base.

As of 2019, there are a total of 20 aircraft carriers in service. Over half of these belong to the United States, which has a total of 11 that are currently in service. Falling far behind is Australia and Italy, each of which have two aircraft carriers in service. A handful of other nations have one aircraft carrier currently in service. These nations are:

Australia is the only nation in the world with aircraft carriers that are in reserve. This nation has two aircraft carriers in reserve as of 2019.

There are 126 aircraft carriers that have been decommissioned throughout history. The nation with the highest number of decommissioned aircraft carriers is the United States with a total of 55. Next is the United Kingdom, which has 40 that have been decommissioned. France has had seven ships decommissioned, while Japan and the Netherlands have had four. Australia, Spain, and Canada have three each; Argentina, Brazil, and India have had two each, and Russia has one decommissioned ship.

In 2019, there are a total of 9 aircraft carriers under construction. Two of these are for the United States. The remaining nations that are construction one aircraft carrier each are:

  • China
  • India
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom

There are also a total of 47 aircraft carriers that were never completed. Topping the list with the most incomplete warships are the United States and the United Kingdom, each of which have 12 that were never finished.

Aircraft Carriers By Country 2020

Country Number of Aircraft Carriers Population 2020
United States11331,002,651
United Kingdom167,886,011