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Amazon Users by Country 2024

As of 2023, Amazon is the biggest e-commerce site in the entire world. Billions of people from numerous countries flock to Amazon every day for multiple purposes, including everyday shopping needs, groceries, streaming video, pharmacy prescriptions, and more.

However, the number of users and individual user habits can vary greatly from country to country. Here’s a closer look at how Amazon user stats and specifics vary around the world.

Countries with the Most Amazon Users as of 2023

As of 2023, Amazon is considered a staple in many households around the world. The following countries have the highest number of active users.

The United States is Amazon’s country of origin and has approximately 1,860 billion active users annually, accounting for over 68 of Amazon’s total traffic.

India is the country with the second-highest number of Amazon users – about 133.6 billion. That puts it way behind the United States as far as the total number of users but still accounts for 4.9 percent of Amazon’s traffic.

Canada comes in third with 47.2 billion users and 1.7 percent of Amazon’s traffic.

The United Kingdom has 43.7 billion Amazon users and accounts for about 1.6 percent of Amazon traffic.

Germany comes in fifth, with 42.5 billion users and 1.6 percent of Amazon’s traffic.

Together, India and the United States make up over 73 percent of Amazon’s total number of active users each year.

Differences in User Base from Country to Country

Although Amazon is definitely a worldwide phenomenon, typical users aren’t necessarily the same from country to country. Here are a few factors that can contribute to user base differences between countries.

Average Economic Status

The reasons customers flock to Amazon for their various needs can vary a lot according to income level and economic status. In richer nations, such as the United States, people tend to shop more often, buy a wider variety of items, and spend more per transaction. However, developing nations may be more likely to go there in search of affordable everyday options.


The average age of Amazon users frequently differs quite a bit from country to country, as well. For example, Indian users are younger on average, while frequent Amazon users in the United States are more likely to be middle-aged or older.

Cultural Differences

A country’s culture will naturally affect trends like the number of Amazon users and the frequency of their shopping transactions, as well. Preferred types of items can also vary from one country to the next.

For example, culture-based products are hot picks in India and China, while grocery shopping is more common in convenience-loving countries like the United States.

  • User counts have been rounded to the nearest 100 million. Percentages have been rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent.

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Amazon Monthly Traffic (billions)
% of Global Traffic
United States1,86068.3%
United Kingdom441.6%

Which countries have the most Amazon customers?

The United States and India account for over 73% of Amazon's customers.

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