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American Revolution Countries Involved

Great Britain

When Paul Revere went racing through the streets on horseback yelling "the British" are coming, it was these British he was speaking of, coming to take back what they believed was theirs, namely - America. It was, among many issues, taxes and religion that prompted the separation from Britain, and it was Great Britain who was the chief player in the American Revolution.

The Colonies

There were 13 colonies at the time of the American Revolution, thirteen colonies that would shortly after, become the beginning of the United States of America. The names of the heroes of the great war for independence are etched in the history books, and through many hallowed halls in the US. This wasn't a war that involved Great Britain and the rebel colonies alone though. At the time, Great Britain was the world's great power, and there was a lot at stake


It wasn't until 1778 that France jumped into the fray, but as it has for as long as history records, this proud country stood by us and fought beside us. Yes, there was also motive and motivation for the French to join us, after all, they were rather tired of getting their butts kicked by the Brits. They also had some potential land in this place called North America they had designs on claiming.


The role Spain played benefited the Colonies, but not for the Colony's sake. Spain became involved shortly after the French, but only to ally with the French and to fight against the British. Funny, how common enemies make fast friends, and in this case, worthwhile allies.


Following a common theme, the small country of Mysore from India joined forces with the Colonies to fight against British expansion. Great Britain during their reign made more than a few enemies, many of which made good during the America Revolution.

The Dutch Republic

Despite their size, the Dutch Republic owned a formidable fleet of ships. Great Britain's attack on the Dutch Republic to prevent them from joining the revolution sealed the deal for whose side they were on.


Not everyone was willing or able to join forces against the British Empire, including territories like Hanover. Today, that would be what we know as Germany and was then under the rule of King George III. That also meant allegiance to the crown and the hand to bore the rod.

Native Americans

Many Native Americans also joined in the revolution, with many of them fighting for either side. Some took up arms against what they considered the invasion of the Colonists, while many tribes were either persuaded or bought by one side or the other.

  • Many Caribbean islands were valuable for the income from their sugar plantations and also strategically located between the colonies and Great Britain. As such, while these islands rarely entered the war directly (most were ruled by England or France), they often became important battlegrounds and were fought over as fiercely as the American mainland.
  • While the American Revolution was a fight for independence for the American colonies, it was also the continuation of a larger dispute over trade alliances (and global wealth potential) between Great Britain, France, Spain, and the Netherlands (the Dutch). These tensions had already resulted in a previous war, the Seven Years War (1756-1763) and would lead to the concurrent Anglo-Mysore Wars and Anglo-French War (1778–1783). In fact, while the American/British conflict ended in 1781, battles in India (which both Britain and France sought to control) would continue for another two years.

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Countries Role
Additional Notes
British territory often invaded by the United States and Spain.
British territory known for its sugar plantations.
British territory often invaded by France.
FranceDirect American Ally
Shipped supplies to Americans as early as 1775. Entered the war as an American ally in 1778, arguabl...
GermanyIndirect British Ally
Several states, territories, or other governments in what is now Germany acted as allies of Great Br...
French territory invaded by the British.
Demerara was a Dutch colony in what is now Guyana.
Saint-Domingue was a French colony in what is now Haiti.
Spanish territory.
IndiaIndirect American Ally
When the British captured part of India's Kingdom of Mysore in response to France becoming an Americ...
JamaicaIndirect American Ally
Jamaica was one of a handful of Caribbean islands used by the Americans and their allies to sneak gu...
French territory often invaded by the British.
British territory known for its sugar plantations.
NetherlandsIndirect American Ally
Dutch merchants shipped gunpowder and other supplies to the Americans as early as 1774, primarily by...
SpainIndirect American Ally
Spain joined the war as an ally to France, though they did not ally directly with the American colon...
United KingdomMain (British)
As Great Britain.
United StatesMain (American)
While the thirteen American colonies were one of two main protagonists in the war, it should also be...

Which countries were involved in the American Revolution?

Great Britain, France, Spain, Mysore, The Dutch Republic, and Hanover were all countries in the American Revolution, but the 13 Colonies and Native American groups were also involved in the war.

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