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Arctic Circle


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Arctic Circle Countries 2024

The area referred to as the Arctic Circle region includes various parts of eight different countries.


The area included in the Arctic Circle is massive in scale and also colder than most other regions on Earth. Canada, however, hasn't allowed this colder than average climate to prevent it from being one of the most innovative of all the Arctic Circle countries. From green energy initiatives, to leading the world in the fight against climate change, Canada is proud to be on the list of Arctic Circle countries.


Greenland is another country included in the region and on the short list of Arctic Circle countries. Despite its name, much of Greenland's terrain is unsurprisingly white. Like most Arctic Circle countries, however, its proximity to the Arctic Circle has not kept Greenland from thriving.


True to its namesake, Iceland is arguably one of the most popular of all the Arctic Circle countries. Like many in this part of the world, people have learned to adapt to the climate and utilize the resources of the region.


The country of Norway celebrates mild summers and true Arctic winters, and is another member of the Arctic Circle countries. Norway has been a trend-setter among Arctic Circle countries in the area of tourism and has become a popular tourist destination for many people traveling to the region.


Another popular country among those on the list of Arctic Circle countries is Sweden. The people of Sweden are traditionally those who keep to themselves, often avoiding or staying neutral during world-scale conflicts. Sweden, despite its lack of world involvement in some areas, has also made its impact in many others.


The country of Finland is the last of the Scandinavian countries on the list of Arctic Circle countries. No stranger to the Arctic Circle climate, the Fins have also been curiously noted to be a particularly happy people. Perhaps the Arctic air is good for our dispositions too?


The lore of Russians drinking to stay warm and the frigid climate of the country are storied. And yes, Russia is definitely on the list of Arctic climate countries, and recognized as one of the coldest places in the world.

United States

Easily the most well-known and perhaps most surprising on the list of Arctic Circle countries is the US. The northernmost state of Alaska is who America can thank for this honor and for technically being an Arctic circle country.

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Which countries are in the Arctic Circle?

The countries that are located in the Arctic Circle are Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and the United States.

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