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Arctic Countries 2024

1. Canada

Canada makes up one of the eight Arctic countries currently a part of the Arctic Council promoting peace. This Worldwide Federation nation country covers the second-largest area in the world, including water bodies. Aside from glaciers, it also consists of mountains and forests. It’s home to more than 80,000 wildlife species, and indigenous people inhabited it since the 16th Century.

2. Greenland

Greenland, the world’s largest non-continental island, sits between the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean. It holds an autonomous territory status but stays connected to Denmark. It has grasslands and a variety of flowers and trees in addition to glaciers. Several species of whales live here.

3. Iceland

In addition to ice formations, two-thirds of its land has volcanic mountains on it. Lava plateaus have formed from eruptions, and a number of glacial rivers run through various spots. About 85 percent of Iceland’s power comes from hydroelectric and geothermic power.

4. Norway

This country holds founding memberships in several organizations. Some include The United Nations, Nordic Council, and the Council of Europe. It also is a part of the Arctic Council that connects eight countries. The northern tip and western portions of the Scandinavian Peninsula make up most of its land.

5. Sweden

Sweden has the 11th highest per-capita income in the world. Norway borders to the north and west, and Finland is to the east. This area has the well-known Oresund Straight bridge-tunnel, which connects to Denmark. It consists of a long coastline stretch and makes up the eastern portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

6. Finland

This Arctic country sits across the Gold of Bothnia from Sweden. First settlers arrived here around 9000 BC, and this area became influenced by numerous cultures throughout the Last Glacial Period. After that, it evolved through the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. It has an astounding number of lakes (168,000) and equally astonishing number of islands (179,000).

7. Russia

It covers about one-eight of the entire earth’s land area where people reside. It also has the most time zones – a total of 11, and it used to be the United State’s Cold War rival from 1947-1991.

8. United States

Perhaps you wouldn’t think to add this to a list of Arctic Countries. Obviously, it does span quite an area all the way from Canada’s border, where it freezes over with icecaps. However, it also consists of trees, forests, mountains and more. Two Arctic seas border Northern Alaska, which is one of the coldest U.S. climates.

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How many arctic countries are there?

The Arctic Circle consists of 8 countries, including Canada, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and United States.

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