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Best Countries to Visit in August 2024

For many people who live in hot climates, August is when they want to get away from the heat for a refreshing change. Temperatures can soar in the peak of summer, and by August, lots of people are just tired of being hot all the time. Countries that you might want to visit in August have cold climates in general. Some of these areas experience their winter season during August. On the other hand, some of the best places to visit are more traditional summertime favorites.

If you want to spend August in the United States, the Pacific Northwest is a great place to visit in August. Oregon and Washington have beautiful forests and snow-capped mountains, and their temperate weather makes summertime cool with some warm days. If you need a summertime escape but do not want to leave the United States, consider taking a trip to the Pacific Northwest. You can go camping, fishing, hiking, or enjoy any number of outdoor activities. Moreover, Seattle is one of the top cultural attractions in the entire country.

Australia experiences its winter season when the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing summer. If you are looking for a cool escape, consider traveling to Australia. You may not spend much time on the beaches, but you can enjoy some cool breezes in the outback and also experience some of Sydney’s famed cultural attractions.

Canada is also a great place to visit in August. Some locales do get slightly warm weather during the summer but consider coastal areas such as Newfoundland and Cape Breton. These locations tend to have pleasantly cool summers while providing a unique beach and outdoor experience. On the other side of Vancouver is a thriving cultural hub surrounded by natural beauty.

The United Kingdom has mild summer temperatures, but in parts of England, there can be late-summer heatwaves. If you want a cooler August experience, consider places like Scotland or Northern Ireland. For a warmer August experience, head across the channel to mainland Europe to visit France, Spain, or Portugal.

There are plenty of places to choose from if you are looking for a traditional beach trip to end your summer months. Myrtle Beach in South Carolina has world-class beaches that rival those in Florida. All of the states that border the Gulf of Mexico have beaches that are great for sunbathing and swimming. Furthermore, if you are looking for a summertime adventure, consider the Caribbean islands, such as Bermuda or St. Kitts and Nevis.

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Best to Visit in August
BermudaNorth America
CanadaNorth America
Saint Kitts and NevisNorth America
United KingdomEurope
United StatesNorth America

What is the best country to visit in August?

Australia is the best country to visit in August for a winter vacation. For a summer experience, Canada has many coasts that remain cool.

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