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Countries Bordering Only One Other Country 2024

Several countries worldwide share borders with only one other nation, often leading to unique diplomatic relationships:

  1. Vatican City: The world's smallest country, located within Rome, Italy, with a population of around 800.
  2. San Marino: Also landlocked within Italy, situated on Mount Titano in Central Italy.
  1. Lesotho: A sovereign nation completely surrounded by South Africa, sharing a 1,115 km long border.
  2. Canada: Borders only the United States, including the state of Alaska and 12 other U.S. states.
  3. Portugal: Shares a border exclusively with Spain, approximately 764 miles long, though the exact length is debated.
  1. The United Kingdom and Ireland: Ireland is the only country the UK shares a land border with, though Ireland is a sovereign nation and not a UK territory.
  2. Korean Peninsula: North and South Korea share a border, separated by the 148-mile-long Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).
  3. Qatar: Borders only Saudi Arabia, about 45 miles long. It also has maritime borders with Bahrain, Iran, and the UAE.
  1. Denmark: Germany is its only land neighbor, with maritime borders shared with Sweden, Norway, the UK, and Greenland.
  2. Dominican Republic: Located on Hispaniola in the Caribbean, it shares a land border with Haiti.
  3. Papua New Guinea and Indonesia: Share a 512-mile-long border.
  1. The Gambia: Africa's smallest nation, surrounded by Senegal on all sides.

These countries' unique geographic situations influence their diplomatic, economic, and cultural interactions with their sole neighboring countries.

  • List includes countries that share a land border with only one other country (but may share a maritime border with multiple countries) or which have no shared land border (islands) but share a maritime border with only one other country (for example, Sri Lanka, and island country which shares a maritime border with only India.
  • Areas have been rounded to the nearest mile or kilometer. For countries whose area in miles was not given by the source, km values have been manually converted to miles.
  • A borderpoint neighbor is one that does not share a natural border with a given country, but is connected via a human-engineered travel corridor such as a bridge over water or underwater tunnel. For example, the Channel Tunnel ('Chunnel'), which makes France and the United Kingdom borderpoint neighbors.

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Additional Details
Border Length (mi)
Borderpoint Neighbor
Sovereign Sponsor
Although an island nation with no natural land borders, Bahrain maintains persistent connection to S...
Saudi ArabiaNone (Bahrain is an island)
Borders the Malaysian state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo.
In addition to its border with Germany, also has fixed link with Sweden across the Øresund Bridge.
Dominican Republic
On the island of Hispaniola.
The Republic of the Gambia is bordered to the north, south and east by Senegal.
A British overseas territory, occupies a small peninsula and has a 1.2 km (0.75 mi) land border with...
1SpainUnited Kingdom
A constituent country of the Kingdom of Denmark, Greenland has had a border dispute with Canada rega...
On the island of Hispaniola.
220Dominican Republic
Hong Kong
Hong Kong, comprising a continental portion and more than 200 islands in the South China Sea, was fo...
21ChinaHong Kong
The Republic of Ireland borders the United Kingdom's Northern Ireland region on the island of Irelan...
220United Kingdom
Lesotho is an enclave which is entirely surrounded by South Africa.
565South Africa
In addition to its land border with Austria, Liechtenstein has five bridges crossing the river Rhine...
Macau comprises a peninsula and one island in the South China Sea, 60 km (37 mi) west of Hong Kong, ...
Papua New Guinea
On the island of New Guinea.
The planned Qatar–Bahrain Causeway would connect Qatar to Bahrain.
37Saudi Arabia
Saint Martin
The island is split between two island territories: the northern half, Saint-Martin, is a French ove...
San Marino
San Marino is an enclave entirely surrounded by Italy.
Although an island nation with no natural land borders, Singapore maintains persistent connections t...
MalaysiaNone (Singapore is cut off by the Strait of Johor)
Sint Maarten
The island is split between two island territories: the northern half, Saint-Martin, is a French ove...
South Korea
On the Korean Peninsula, at the Demarcation Line. The two countries are separated by a 4 km wide Dem...
148North Korea
Timor Leste
On the island of Timor.
United Kingdom
On the island of Ireland. The British Overseas Territories of Gibraltar and Akrotiri and Dhekelia bo...
Vatican City
The Vatican City is an enclave entirely surrounded by Rome, Italy.
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