Equator Countries 2020

The equator of the Earth is an imaginary horizontal line that divides the planet in two distinct and equal sections. The section that lies above the equator is the Northern Hemisphere, while the section below the equator is the Southern Hemisphere.

Countries that are located on the equator have the shortest sunrises and sunsets in the world. This is because the path of the sun is almost perpendicular to the horizon for the majority of the year. Most days in these nations also have a consistently equal length of daylight hours – that is, the time between sunrise to sunset.

These nations also experience hotter weather throughout the year. There are few changes in temperature throughout the year, although rainfall and humidity may vary. There are no distinct seasons in countries that lie along the equator. There are roughly 2,000 hours of sunshine and about 200 rainy days per year. Countries on the equator may see as much as 140 inches of rainfall each year.

There are 11 countries through which the equator passes. Those nations are:

Equator Countries 2020

Country Population 2020
Dr Congo89,561,403
Republic Of The Congo5,518,087
Sao Tome And Principe219,159