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French Diaspora Countries 2024

The term “French Diaspora” collectively refers to both French expatriates and their ongoing lines of descendants. As these individuals have carved out places for themselves and their families in new places all over the world, they’ve also made an invaluable impact on their new homes and neighbors.

Here’s a closer look at French Diaspora populations from country to country, as well as the unique influences they’ve lent to their adopted homes.

Countries with the Largest French Diaspora Populations

The following countries are among those with the largest populations of French Diaspora throughout the world as of 2023.


Consisting of almost 9.6 million people, the French Diaspora of Canada makes up around 27.4 percent of the population. That said, Canada – particularly the province of Quebec – hosts the longest-standing and largest group of French-speaking Diaspora outside of France itself.

At this point, the culture the French brought to Canada many years ago is a key part of modern Canadian culture itself, affecting everything from national cuisine and literature to the national identity of the country.

United States

As of 2023, around 9.4 million people are part of the French Diaspora in the United States, accounting for roughly 2.9 percent of the population.

As in Canada, French expats and their descendants have left a unique and unforgettable imprint on American culture. Notable examples include the signature French influence on Louisiana and New Orleans, better known as the Creole culture.


The French Diaspora of Argentina consists of 9.4 million people and 17 percent of the country’s population. In fact, French Argentines make up one of the largest ancestry groups in all of Argentina.

One reason so many French and other ex-pats flocked to Argentina during the late 19th and early 20th centuries was the comparatively high wages immigrants were able to make in the country at the time.

Other countries with considerable populations of French Diaspora include the United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Uruguay, and Australia.

Factors Influencing the Distribution of French Diaspora

As with any group of ex-pats, multiple factors affected the current distribution of the French Diaspora from one country to the next. Examples include:

Economic Opportunities: Factors like opportunities to obtain housing and earn fair wages were major incentives for French immigrants to perhaps choose one country to settle in over another.

Political Policies: Political events, immigration policies, and similar influences have also naturally shaped the French Diaspora over the years.

Colonial History: The colonial history of France is also a major factor affecting where French have settled and to what degree.

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French Diaspora Population
% of Total Population
United States9.4M2.9%
United Kingdom3M4.6%
South Africa700K1.3%

Which countries are part of the French Diaspora?

The emigration from France to Canada, the United States, Argentina, and the United Kingdom, as well as roughly 15 other countries, is known as the French Diaspora.

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