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Percentage of Illegal Immigrants by Country 2024

The United States has the highest percentage of illegal immigrants by country, according to most reports. With a total population over 330 million people, it is estimated that the United States is home to over 52 million immigrants. Germany comes in second as having the most immigrants in the world, being a centralized location for Europe and also a progressive society that is safe for many people fleeing terror or needing asylum or refugee relief from their own nation.

Saudi Arabia is also a key location with a booming economy, making it an ideal location for immigrants. This country ranks number three for percentage of illegal immigrants by country. Russia comes in number four on the list with 11 million immigrants, and the United Kingdom ranks fifth with 9 million immigrants but ties with the UAE for 9 million immigrants.

  • United States: 52 million immigrants, 15 percent of population
  • Germany: 16 million immigrants, 18.8 percent of population
  • Saudi Arabia: 14 million immigrants, 39 percent of population
  • Russia: 11 million immigrants, 7.9 percent of population
  • United Kingdom: 9 million immigrants, 14 percent of population

Factors Influencing Illegal Immigration

The United States may have a lot of immigrants number wise, but Saudi Arabia has the highest percentage of illegal immigrants by country when compared to the rest of the world. Additionally, it is estimated that the number of immigrants in the United Sates has increased by as much as 400 percent since the 1960s. There are a number of factors contributing to this.

Mexico leads as the origin country for the United States when it comes to immigration. There are approximately 11 million people in the United States that are immigrants and come from Mexico. Approximately one in four immigrants in the United States are Mexican.

The leading factor contributing to Mexico as a lead country for immigrants is proximity. The United States borders Mexico and this allows for an easy way to enter the country geographically. Another key factor impacting the rate of illegal immigrants by country is the nation’s economy. The United States is among the wealthiest nations in the world and building the American dream is an ideal held by many all over the world. Although the percentage of illegal immigrants by country can be high in some nations, that number does fluctuate as most illegal immigrants do consider and undergo the legal channels to citizenship.

  • Data do not show the nationalities of illegal immigrants present in any given country. Rather, data indicate the size of a country's illegal immigrant population, expressed as a percentage of the country's total population.
  • Although displayed here as a percentage, illegal immigrants are likely not counted as part of any country's official population.
  • Obtaining precise percentages of illegal immigrants by country is logistically challenging due to under-reporting, lack of documentation, the inherent secrecy of illegal activity, and political sensitivity. As a result, many countries report illegal immigrant populations as an estimated range rather than a precise number. Actual figures likely vary, perhaps significantly.

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Maximum Illegal Immigrant Population
Minimum Illegal Immigrant Population
United States11.4M10.9M
South Africa1M500K
United Kingdom950K550K
South Korea210K210K

Which country has the highest percentage of illegal immigrants?

The United States of America has the highest percentage of illegal immigrants, 15% of the population or roughly 52 million immigrants.

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