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PS4 Sales by Country / PlayStation 4 Sales by Country 2024

Videogame systems today are one of the most popular manufactured items in the world. They are also a business that is worth billions of dollars, and the Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) is another in a long line of those successful gaming systems. In fact, the PS4 is one of the most popular and successful gaming systems in history.

Here is a look at that success and the popularity of the PS4 in terms of sales. This is an overview of where the ps4 makes its money and where it is most popular according to the PS4 sales by country list.

PS4 Sales by Country: Europe

In what might be a surprise to many, it isn't the United States that leads the world in PS4 sales, but Europe. According to data from Statista, Europe has a lifetime total of an estimated 55.2 PS4 units sold, eddging out the US by more than a couple million units.

This not only reveals the strong gaming market around the world and in places like Europe, but it is also evidence of the popularity of gaming and the amount of revenue involved. Another reason the gaming market is so competitive in places like Europe is the changes in the nature and platform of gaming systems today.

PS4 Sales by Country: United States

On the heels of Europe, in total lifetime PS4 units sold is the US, with a total of 53.6 million. The influence, popularity, and healthy gaming market in the US is no secret. Although the US and Europe easily dominate the gaming systems market, they aren't alone.

PS4 Sales by Country: Japan

The country with the third most lifetime PS4 units sold might be surprising to some, but Japan with 23.1 million easily secures the third spot. What makes Japan's appearance on the list is the sheer lack of size of this small Pacific country. It is, however, also more evidence of just how popular the PS4 is everywhere in the world and in every language.

PS4 Sales by Country: The Others

The combined total number of PS4 sales by country for countries not known as Japan, Europe, or the US is 25.5 million. If you are doing math, that means the rest of the world (minus the big two) only outsold Japan by about 2 million units.

Still, over 25 million units is nothing to sneeze at, and if history is any predictor of the future, those numbers will only continue to grow—for everyone.

  • Sony indicates that lifetime total sales of PlayStation 4 reached 117 million units, but has not released official per-country sales data. In the interest of data integrity, only verifiable per-country sales data are compiled below, and as such may not add up to 117 million total.

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Data Year
United States35M2023
United Kingdom6.8M2019
South Korea1.1M2019

Which country has the sold the most PS4s?

While Europe as a whole is responsible for the most PS4 sales, the United States is the country that has the most sales.

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