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Titanium Production by Country 2024

When it comes to useful metals, titanium tops the list in many instances. Not only is titanium strong and corrosion-resistant, but it’s incredibly lightweight, as well. This makes it ideal for use across multiple industries that call for metals with these qualities, including aerospace, construction, prosthetics, and medicine.

However, actual titanium production can vary from one country to the next. Here’s an overview of some of the world’s top titanium-producing countries, as well as a few factors that can contribute to national titanium yields.

Top Titanium-Producing Countries Worldwide

The following are the world nations with the highest annual titanium yields as of 2023.


China’s vast size and commitment to tech advancement frequently make it a world leader across multiple industries, and the titanium industry is no exception. With an annual yield of about 120,000 metric tons, it’s easily the world’s leading titanium producer.

Chinese demand for titanium is largely driven by booms across certain industries, including aerospace and the military.


Japan is a world leader in producing the kind of high-quality titanium alloys required for use in medicine, aerospace, and similar industries. It is also the world’s second-largest titanium producer with an annual yield of around 35,000 metric tons.


With an annual yield of around 27,000 metric tons, Russia is the world’s third-largest titanium producer. Much of the country’s output is due to considerable titanium reserves, especially throughout the Ural Mountains and around the Kola Peninsula.


Although Kazakhstan is still something of an emerging force in the world’s titanium industry compared to other countries, it’s a formidable one with an annual yield of approximately 16,000 metric tons.

Other countries that contribute considerable amounts of titanium to the worldwide supply include Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, India, Mozambique, Australia, and South Africa.

Although the United States does mine small quantities of titanium within its borders, it is mostly reliant on imports from countries like Japan, Kazakhstan, China, or Russia.

Factors Contributing to National Titanium Production

Additional factors that may influence a particular country’s ability to maintain ample titanium output include the following:

  • Geological Caches: The number and quality of a country’s naturally occurring titanium ore reserves has a huge impact on its ability to generate high product yields year after year.
  • Mining Capabilities: Natural ore caches are a good start for a titanium-producing country, but a decent mining infrastructure (including transportation and extraction tech) is crucial for accessing it.
  • Political Relationships: Conflict between participants in global supply chains can hinder a country’s ability to keep titanium production high.

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Titanium Production (tonnes)
Saudi Arabia3,700

Which country produces the most titanium?

At 120,000 metric tons, China is responsible for producing the highest amount of titanium in the world.

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