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Transcontinental Countries 2023

Most countries reside only on one continent, but some countries straddle two continents! The most well-known example is Russia, which spans both Europe and Asia. There are immense cultural differences between the European part of Russia and the Asian part of Russia, but both parts form one that is governed by the city of Moscow.

Another transcontinental country is Turkey, which also straddles both Europe and Asia. The city of Istanbul also straddles both Europe and Asia, with the dividing line being a body of water known as the Bosporus. Because of its presence in Europe, the Turkish government has sought inclusion in the European Union, but these requests have been denied due to political differences. The European part of Turkey is more urban, while the Asian region is more rural.

Kazakhstan is culturally part of Central Asia, but a small piece of its land lies on the west side of the Ural River, forming a boundary with Europe. As such, a small portion of Kazakhstan’s population lives in Europe, though the culture even there remains Central Asian. Azerbaijan, a Central Asian country, has a border that extends somewhat into Europe, so about five percent of its population lives in Europe.

Denmark is a European country, but it has as its territory the largest island in the world: Greenland. Greenland is considered part of North America, making Denmark a transcontinental country.

Some consider Panama to be on two continents, as there are no natural barriers – such as rivers or mountains – that determine precisely where the country’s border with Colombia is. Some consider that Panama exists in both North and South America, rather than only in North America.

The continental home of some of the Caribbean islands is disputed. They are usually considered part of North America, but some are geographically closer to South America and have more South American than North American culture. Trinidad and Tobago are actually on two continental shelves, so part of the islands are in North America, and part is in South America.

Egypt is a country in North Africa, but it also claims the Sinai Peninsula, which is in West Asia. Very few people live in the Sinai Peninsula, as it is so arid and mountainous that surviving there is extremely difficult.

Other countries have territories on a continent other than that on which the home country is located. These are all considered transcontinental countries.

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How many transcontinental countries are there?

Denmark, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Panama, Russia, and Turkey are the six transcontinental countries.

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